Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Rest of the Mazda Shot

It's time to turn back to the wonders and goodies contained in our beloved Mazda this past Saturday.  I think there are some real treats to be sure.  Some of the pics are not the best.  I was trying to outrace the fading of the day, but didn't make it.


This is a late 70's Kermit from Fisher Price.  The seller told me that her parents are divorcing after 43 years of marriage and told her to come get all her stuff out of the attic so they could sell the house.  Wow.  She had a lot of great stuff, but most of it was in poor shape.

This is where I lost the fight with the dark.

I keep calling these things "cornices," but I know that's not the right term.  They each have a wooden rod in them for a curtain (I guess), which would make them more like valences.  Or do valences have to be cloth?  Oh, the technicality!

They do have all kinds of screws and nails that need to be extracted.

Primitive work table.


I keep referring to this as an "Ancient Amazonian Decorated Iron Throwing Wheel" which is exactly what I am going to put on the tag.  Can't you just see Wonder Woman clonking Minotaurs and decapitating Cyclopses (Cyclopi?) with this baby?

Think of it as a kick-ass version of Xena's little throwing thing, but then Wonder Woman is more kick-ass than Xena.

Image from here.
 Oh.  Maybe it's just me.

I know that calling it a Throwing Wheel is going to confuse the hell out of some customers.  I once called a vintage egg-shaped hair dryer case an "Alien Pod Carrier" and laughed for weeks at the customers who couldn't figure it out.  Not my regulars, though.  They get me.

Besides "Ancient Amazonian Decorated Iron Throwing Wheel" just sounds so much better than "Ring to hang pots and pans."

A whole buncha fun smalls!  Cool wood box.  Mason jar full of old nails.  Vintage PBN of a girl.  And an oddly--almost sultry--posed Girl Scout.  Fun stuff.

Finally, that mysterious Snickers box.  I went back to the guy that I bought all of those old books from a few weeks ago.  The first thing he wanted me to know was that he had another box for me!  This is only about half of them.

A lot of nursing tests in this one, but there's also a Bible.  And a chemistry book with a leather cover/binding that looks like it ought to be an old Bible.  I have found lots of interesting stuff tucked in the nursing books, mainly notes about rounds and patients and such.  A nurse these days would not have a job for long leaving patients names and info around like that!

Old Hygiene books are great!  The illustrations are totally priceless, like these exercise guides.

I love that the bottom one says to "Continue until tired."  Okay!

At first, I thought this was a geography text about The Americas.  Then I thought it was a history of the Armenians.  I wonder if there's a reading comprehension book in this lot>

I might hang on to this one, in case I need surgery sometime.  I figure I could do it myself and save a bundle.  It has illustrations and everything!

Our nurse was a bit of an artist, or at least a doodler.  This giy, or variations of him, pop up all through the text books.

I also got a box of oddball ephemera from him.  I wasn't going to do it, but he seriously slashed the price on it to get rid of it.  I love ephemera and old paper stuff, but I just do not have the space to display it right.   Part of the lot came from the estate of an accordion teacher.  At one point in time, it was possible to support oneself and one's family giving accordion lessons.


laurie -magpie ethel said...

The wood piece for your window is called a pelmet. There you go.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the wheel and would crack up if seeing it labeled in your booth! The old books are always fun but I love the 'continue until tired'...yep that's me. One, two, done!

We are: Clamco said...

You must have the best, most interesting booth!

Melissa said...

Great finds! Also love the names you come up with to put on the tags.

Shara said...

'Continued until tired' FINALLY an exercise regimen I can follow! I forgot to zoom in n the sultry Girl Scout - will go do that now. I'm loving all these post s this week. And I love you too. :) (That'll get the other commenters talking!!!!)

Donna Wilkes said...

The valance/pelmet/cornice boards can be repurposed with some extra wood to make benches. I thought the throwing wheel was a log holder so you can always fool me. I want, need, desire, crave the primitive table!!!