Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Finds: Sequence Game

This is another find from last weekend, an old Milton-Bradley Sequence Cards game.  The game consists of 80 cards, which break down into 20 sets of four cards each.

Each four card set depicts a certain action or storyline.  The object of the game is to put the stories in order.  It's a really versatile game.  Younger kinds can pick out a set and put it in order and learn about sequencing and actions and after-effects and all kinds of neat things.  Older kids can put them in order and make up a story to go with the cards while they're doing it.  And, the graphics are so neat!

Since I'm an older kid, here's my story to go with my favorite set of cards.

"I'm tired of this boring, trendy, choppy on top hair style," thought Joe one morning as he looked in the mirror.  "I really need something new."

"Maybe if I try some of this goopy hair product, I can make something out of this mess."
"Maybe I should comb it all spiky in front?  No. A tired trendy style is still trendy.  I want something different!  I know..."

"I'll go with this cool, rockin' pompadour!  Now I'm ready for the rockabilly show tonight!"

There's just no limit to the fun you can have with yard sale finds, is there?

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