Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Sold Dogs and Kitty Cats

This one was actually supposed to be a "Fun Finds."  I suppose technically it still is, but they've both sold.  Once they sell, it seems kind of irrelevant that they were a fun find.  I'd probably just let the matter drop and not even mention it, but I found the photos while I was looking for something else and it hit me that I had not written this one up.

Anyway, they were a part of my birthday thrift run.  I found them at a Salvation Army across the river.  They still had their original Woolworth price tags on them from way back when.  They were too cute to pass up, obviously a thought shared by some customers at my booth.  I'll spare you any more babble and just share the pics of a "Fun Funds" that might have been.

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