Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun Finds: Urinal!

Yes, you read that right.  No, this isn't turning into one of those sites.  (Although after Sunday's post, I don't blame you for thinking that way.)

We hit some indoor sales on Saturday and I found this at one of them.

See?  That's all.  Perfectly innocent and all that.

It was marked 3 bucks and I offered two and they took it.  It's enamelware and in really good shape.  There are a couple of chips in the enamel, and the handle is worn down to the metal, but the inside looks great.  It's the kind of buy that makes you and makes you think juvenile thoughts all at the same time.

Want to attract stares at a church sale?  Carry around a vintage portable urinal while you shop!  That'll do it every time.

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