Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Rambles Return!

Well, I didn't do too well with the posts in February there, did I?  Sorry about that.  I started a post two weeks ago, right after the trip and it got to be so whiny and negative that I just couldn't post it.  I hate to be that self-absorbed, even if this is my blog.  I also decided at that point that I would not post anything until I could write a reasonable, non-whiny post.

It's taken me a bit to get to that point, it seems.

Anyway, I caught a cold on the trip that is just now clearing up.  Four people in our delegation had the flu and didn't mind sharing with the rest of us.  It settled into my throat and would not let go.  We're talking hoarseness, loss of voice, and lots of pain.  But no symptoms anywhere else.  That's when the whining started.

I thought it was a radiation side effect, because they were blasting my jaw and the side of my throat, but the radiation doc didn't think so.  I didn't have any blisters or spots that would indicate the most common side effects.  Still, he gave me a prescription for this stuff they mix at the cancer center called, I kid you not, Mary's Magic Potion.  Apparently, this is a pretty common treatment option for folks with cancer treatments.

So, I got all excited about Mary's Magic Potion (who wouldn't?), but it didn't do anything for me.  It did deaden the pain, but it didn't clear anything out.  And it gave me the runs.  The write up they gave me with the bottle says that it contains some pretty powerful anti-fungal agents, which would kill thrush, which is a radiaton side effect.  Since I didn't have thrush, I didn't need all those meds, so I had to reluctantly give up Mary's Magic Potion.

I'm hanging on to the bottle, just in case the house is ever invaded by giants or trolls.  I have a gut feeling that it might just come in handy.  What's in your emergency kit?

I finally went to my primary doc last Tuesday and he gave me some really strong anti-biotics that seem to be knocking this sucker out.  Yay!  Interestingly, he did a strep throat swab and a flu swab and both came back negative.  My white blood cells were normal too.

Speaking of radiation, I finished those treatments!  Yay!  Now for the chemo, which starts tomorrow.  I'm going to have a treatment every 28 days for the next six months.  I'll get the chemo (DTIC), along with an immune booster shot (IL2) on Tuesday of the treatment week.  Then, I have to get another immune booster shot on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of that week.

I have to admit that I am really nervous about this.  I don't like the idea of putting toxic substances in my body, even though I already have something deadly there that has to be dealt with.  I'm mainly worried about more fatigue.  I think I can deal with everything else as far as side effects go, but I'm so slowed down right now, that I can't imagine being any more tired than this.

I feel kind of selfish when I have thoughts like this.  The one thing I have really wanted to do through this whole thing is call my mother and compare cancer treatment notes, but I can't do that.  She had it so much worse than me, and I'm whining about being a little more tired.

I'm drifting into self-absoprtion mode again.  Time to change course.

The trip went okay.  It wasn't the best time or circumstance to go, but it had to be done.  It was my first time being around a group of folks who did not know about the surgery.  People do not seem to be shy about asking about visible scars.  I was unaware of this.  Walking through airports lugging a carry on bag will definitely require some rest breaks.

I did squeeze in one quick thrift visit on the trip.  I couldn't buy much, but I got some vintage cookie cutters and old children's religious books.  Can you believe that there was actually a series of books called "Easy Reading Books of Saints and Friendly Beasts"?  I now have proof.

I swiped this image off eBay.  Mine is in much better condition.  No time for pics right now.
I spent the weekend trying to revive the booths, which are dying a slow and agonizing death.  I'm not yet seeing the kind of sales bump that I need to support the new rent amount at Peddlers Mall and I had not been to YesterNook in ages.  Neither of those things is good.  Not good at all.

I took too long to get the new space finished, which cut into my sales for the first half of February.  Once things settled down, sales picked up quickly and were good for the last half of the month, but you can't overcome a poor start in a month that's already two days short.  My check there was just about the lowest it has ever been.  March is starting really strong though.  Hope it holds up.

Maybe a funny story?  I was working the space the other day and this big dude with, like, fourteen neck tattoos comes over and starts looking at my religion wall.  We get to talking and he says "I love Jesus, too man."  This after I have to explain a lot of the merch to him, including why the holy water font has a sponge in it.  "Yeah," he says, "I don't go to church at all, but that Jesus has a story that'll make you just fall in love."  I feel ya, bro.

I have finally been well enough to break into my winter merch stash.  I know winter is almost over, but, hey, I have cancer.  You may have heard that. I hold some stuff back throughout the summer to carry me through the cold months when there are no yard sales.  I think I still have enough to get me through at least part of my chemo sessions, so maybe the pressure to get new stuff won't be so hard on me.

I've had crap luck on what limited hunting runs I've been able to make.  I know I have the stash, but most of us junkers started out as shoppers, so it's in the blood.  You got to keep the beast at least slightly satiated, you know.

I did, however, strike gold on Saturday at two church sales.  I filled the back of my truck for 40 bucks, including a nice glass topped end table, boxes full of small stuff, a Redmon picnic basket, a couple of vintage kids play vanities, and a ton more!  If that ends up being my only yard sale run for the spring, I damn sure made it count! 

Finally, a request.  You may have seen Kathy commenting here and there on this blog.  She's a YesterNook vendor and really nice person.  She's having some health issues of her own right now.  Would mind sending her a happy thought or two?

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