Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekend Finds

In Monday's post, I mentioned that I'd put some pics of my weekend finds later in the week.  Well, that time is here.

I'm such a bad junking blogger.  In my drive to get stuff to the booth as quickly as possible, I usually overlook the act of taking pics for the blog.  When I buy something larger in size, it usually has to go right to the booth, since I don't have space to store stuff.

So it was this past weekend.  Much of the items were smaller furniture, so they went right off to YesterNook.  No time for photos, in other words.  On Monday, I went back over to the booth and took a few pics.  They're not the best, since I was using my cell phone, but I think you can get the idea.

This is the bathroom shelf from the Cantina Room!

Close up of the burnt wood details on the shelf.

This is the sweetest Madonna and Child I have ever seen!

Magazine stand or sheet music holder?

This little dude is kind of shy, but cute.
There were a few other things, but those are the highlights.  In the last pic, you can also see a Cosco bathroom stool and a retro-ish chair I also bought over the weekend.

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