Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Untold Tales of Curb-Diving Acquisitions

A couple of months ago, we went to my 25th college reunion.  I got some junking in while we were there, including some stuff I recently posted about.  When we got back to Louisville, I kind of got annoyed that it was also the weekend for junk set out in our neighborhood, but I had missed most of the best picking because I was away.  That'll teach me to go out of town when I should be working!  I did hit a couple of curb piles and found a few things, including a stack of Three Investigators books.  I loved those things when I was a kid, even more than the Hardy Boys!

A little later, we started hauling some of our own junk out to the curb, when I notice a neat stack down the street that wasn't there before.  Since it was an unpicked pile (and because rain was predicted for the coming Monday), I hoofed it on down to check it out.

The first thing I found was this:

I have no idea who Miss Pinny is or why she's an art whore, (or what an "art whore" is) but I thought it was cool.

It was on top of one of those cloth storage bins you can get at Bed, Bath and Beyond and the like.  I looked inside and saw this:

The green thing is a vintage magazine holder from a library.


A bevy of Madonnas (some vintage) and a large pink Jesus.  

Let me repeat that: 



Not the best pic, I know.  My camera died and I've not yet mastered pics with my phone.

Happy Dance!  Happy Dance!

Even better, Jesus is like a Magic 8 Ball.  He'll give you answers.  Wow!

In addition, there was a bag of old sewing machine supplies that I'm sure I can sell somewhere.  Best haul of the whole weekend!  Three houses down from us. 

Sadly, it did indeed rain that Monday, putting an end to the picking.  Stuff ain't no good after it gets wet.  No more curb-diving until May!  (Which cannot get here fast enough!)

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Roger Owen Green said...

we all need a large pink Jesus.