Friday, August 09, 2013

Eddie Does Dolls

It's pretty well known among the members of the Yard Sale Queen message forum that I find dolls to be, well, really creepy. (Also clowns.)  Maybe it's one too many horror flicks, but I look at them and the only thought that comes into my head is that at midnight they're going to come to life, form a coven, have a satanic rite, and eat my soul.  Brrr. 

Sometimes, though, you just can't pass up a bargain.  And so I have these.

Really, one of them is named "Miss Mary"!  I'm supposed to pass that up how exactly?

Luckily, they're still in their original packaging, which renders them and their evil inert until opened.  I ain't gonna open them.  I'm just gonna sell them.  What happens after that is beyond my doings.  Caveat emptor, indeed.

The YSQ forums, by the way, are a great place to hang out, share junking stories, and learn more about this wild, insane world of re-sale buying and selling.  Several of my regular commenters are also members there.  Folks are super nice over there, so check it out.  I highly recommend it.  Tell 'em I sent you!  (You do have to be a member to read the posts.)

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