Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Linking Around

It's "Geek Week" on YouTube, so in honor of that I present this pretty awesome Nerdy Jokes video.  How many do you get?  I'm either pleased as punch or appalled that I got everyone of them, save two.  Nerditude confirmed. 

Turns out the most famous Mark Twain quote about Kentucky didn't come from Twain.  Doesn't matter.  It's still true.

Roger already did this one but it's too funny not to share:  George Takei on the aftermath of the DOMA decision.

Finally, links to a couple of collectors sites that I got from monkeybox.  I'm always interested in seeing what people collect.  Sadly, both these sites are defunct, but they've been left up for others to appreciate.  I didn't care for Collection a Day so much because it was so curated and staged.  It really felt artificial and contrived to me, because I didn't feel any of the passion of the real person that is supposedly collecting all these things.  She did get a book deal out of it, so what do I know?

Copycat Collector based her blog on the CaD site, featuring a part of her collections every day for a year.  This one I like a lot.  It just feels much more genuine.  Part of that is because she shares about her items, where they came from, why she likes them.  That is what collecting is about.  It doesn't matter what it is.  There's always a reason why someone collects it.  Divorced from that reason, a collection is just a pile of stuff, and who wants to look at that?


Roger Owen Green said...

Speaking of Takei, CBS Sunday Morning reran a piece about him, starting with the concentration camp he was in in Arkansas (not there any more, but still.) Worth watching if you can get it. (With the TWC/CBS pissing match, I'm not sure.)

Shara said...

I agree on the collecting blogs. Copycat Collector had really interesting thing as well as stories that went what them. That's why I collect. The other blog had interesting staged photos and yes she got a book deal and a calendar and a website out it, so I guess that is good for her. (Where is MY book deal???)