Monday, August 05, 2013

Monday Rambles

Monday?  Again?  Already?  Are you sure?  Oh well....

Last week pretty much kicked my ass.  The chemo may be over, but the bricks are still here and they were really dragging me down last week.  A couple of nights, I hit the bed as soon as I got home from work.  Heck, Saturday I crashed in the car on the way home from yard sales.  I foresee no marathons in the immediate future.  I am so impatient to be 100% again!

My schedule eases up this week, as my summer gig ends today.  That will change me from having to be at work at 9:00 am to having to be there at 12:30 pm.  That shift will really help in terms of the extra rest.  Also, I'll be able to get some things done at the house before I go, when I feel like it.  I've kind of been a lump for too long as far as the house is concerned.  I can hardly keep up with just the booth stuff.  Keith has been so good about picking up my slack, but I'm feeling a little bad that he's had to do so much for me.

Speaking of the booths, I am really discouraged right now.  For the first time in my junker career, I feel like I do not know what I am doing.  I went to work the space on Wednesday and just ended up sitting and staring and feeling sorry for myself.  July sales were just about the worst I have ever had.  I cannot seem to sell any large items right now to save my life.  That would be okay if the smalls sales weren't in the toilet too.  I've had way too many days lately of less than 10 dollar sales, sometimes less than five.  I seriously wanted to cry on Wednesday.  I just don't know what to do.

Part of it is my fatigue, I know.  It makes me a lot more dramatic about things, but there is an element of hard reality here smacking me in the face that I don't like.  I need to be going in twice a week to tend to the space, but I just don't have that in me right now.  I'm paying the price for that, so I feel like a failure.

Things did pick up over the weekend.  I had a killer day in smalls on Saturday--over 50 bucks--and sold a glass-topped table on Sunday.  That's left me feeling a little better, but I also know that it's August, which means State Fair and Back to School and traditionally low sales overall.  I know it's all ebb and flow.  I know that I have to get better to do what I need to do.  That doesn't stop me from feeling down and upset over this.  My confidence is really shaken right now.

Oh, geez.  This is another one of those whiny Monday posts, isn't it?

Sales were so-so this weekend.  Threatened thunderstorms, which did not happen, really cut down on the participation in one of my favorite neighborhood sales.  What was there was pretty mediocre.  I had to put up with one seller telling me that the plate she was overcharging for was "selling on eBay for that."  Someone hasn't read the rules!  I barely caught myself before I told her to go put it on eBay if she wanted that price for it.  I did find a couple of things and have a couple of stories to share, but I'll do that later in the week.

Day by Days:  Sami had a bail hearing and Marlena was not there?  I call foul!  At least Hope is showing up more and more.  They need to make up their minds about the extent of Rafe's injury.  Does he have trouble with simple sentences or can he spit out monologues?  It seems to vary from scene scene.  I love the dressing down he gave Nick though.  This was a good week for Nick, with scenes with Rafe, Maggie (yay!), Kate, and Vargas (yum!).  I think they're maneuvering him for new story.   The show does need to decide what they're going to do with Vargas.  Right now his story and back story are a mess.  I thought it was a clever set up for Stefano was to deal with Chad and not lie to him.  That'll tied the story up for a while.  By the way, I still don't care for the increasingly dull Chad-Abby-Cameron triangle.  I'm also not excited about Chad's would be brain tumor.  Oh well.  Still, any week that gives me Lucas and Sami together is a good week.  I also loved when Anne cornered Theresa.  Yes,  I was rooting for Anne to do something besides get hit by a bus.

Stuff got away from me last week, so I didn't get posts all week long.  I think I'll have the fixed for this week.   See you around the internet!

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