Monday, August 12, 2013

Grumpy Monday Rambles

I came really close to pre-empting this Ramble.  Really close.  I'm in a foul mood that won't seem to lift and just don't want to subject you all to it.  I do enough whining here as it is.  Last week was a crappy week, and that's all I'm going to really say about it.

Other than this:  my sales remain in the toilet.  I've had one good sale day so far this month.  I get depressed just thinking about it.  It's at the point that it doesn't matter that yard sales are really sucking right now, because I'm not moving through my stock right now.

Not even my beloved Days of Our Lives could cheer me up this week.  There were lots of nice little scenes--Victor and Brady for one--but the big blow up between Marlena and Kristen--which was hyped in the network previews--turned out to be anti-climactic.  If we're only going to see Marlena once every three weeks, then she should at least get to knock Kristen out.  It's only fair.

I spent Sunday on the internet (instead of pricing merch, writing blog posts, and tidying my junk room) reading comic book blogs and sites, which actually made me feel a little better.  I might write some more stuff about comics over the next few weeks.  I'll definitely be pulling some stuff out of my graphic novels to read stack this week!  A whole lot of what I read online pretty much reconfirmed my decision to get out of the hobby as a hardcore collector.  I can definitely echo the relief of this post about getting rid of comics.    At the same time, though, I was also reminded how much I do love comics themselves.  It might be just the thing to cheer me up a little.  It's worth a try.

My scan is scheduled for Wednesday, so I'll be one step closer to (hopefully) finding out that I am cancer-free in a few days.

I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, but I intend to take a bike ride this week.  I don't know how far I'll end up going, but I'm getting tired of having to be so damn inactive.  Maybe it will make me feel better.

Not sure about blogging for the week.  Nothing is really planned or set up as yet.  Might be for the better, given how crummy this post is turning out to be.  Oh well.

I think dealing with the cancer over the past eight months has really impacted my depression, which would certainly explain my mood.


Roger Owen Green said...

Go find some Emmylou, Eddie! Quite possibly on this very blog. Sorry you feel crummy. Consider getting a massage,which sometimes works for me.

Shara said...

Don't do anything you don't want to do! have fun, take time for your self. I know, easier said than done. But, you really need to do it!