Friday, August 30, 2013

Fun Finds: Salem Tray

I was stocking at the booth this week, when I pulled out something I had meant to photograph for the blog and forgot.  The lighting isn't always the best there, so you'll have to pardon that, but I couldn't let this one go without sharing it.

I got this from a sale we just happened to run across on our way to another sale.  It was all one dollar tables and quarter tables.  I got a lot of stuff there, including this vintage advertising tray.  

What are they advertising with this lovely, delicious-looking still life?  Is it the bread?  Or the fruit?  Maybe it's the lovely tulips in the back?  None of the above, I'm afraid.  Take a look at the lower right corner.

Yes, it's Salem cigarettes!  Can't forget our after dinner ciggy, one we've finished with all these delectable goodies!  Let's lay them out here on the, uhm, steak so we won't forget them.  It was a totally different time back then, huh?

I know I've seen a similar tray, only with all kinds of breakfast goodies surrounding the cigs, but I forget which retro-vintage blog I saw it on.  They really stand out and look odd on that one!

I owe the blog an extended post of finds from the past month or so.  I just haven't gotten around to finishing the pics.  It's been a slow summer with very few good hauls, but there has been some cool stuff popping up here and there.  I'll try to get that out next week.


New York Erratic said...

This kitsch is - I have to say it - completely delicious! Love it!

Judy said...

Ha! So out of place these days, but awesome kitsch. Nice find, Eddie.