Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finds For ME!

My junking used to be very Eddie-centric.  It was either for me to use, for me to wear, for me to read, for me to watch, for me to put in the house, or for me to give as a gift to someone from me.  It was that way for years and years, until that fateful day I opened my first booth.

Right away, hitting the sales was less about me and more about the booth.  I guess an argument could be made that we are kind of one and the same, but I think that we are two separate entities--or mindsets at least.  Somewhere over the last few years, I stopped buying for me almost entirely.  I'll still pick up a keeper now and then, but those instances are becoming fewer and farther between.

Typically, when I do get something for me any more, it's a practical/useful kind of thing, and not something for a collection.  For instance, I did recently pick up this awesome backpack for me ($1), because I really needed one.  I've carried it every day since I bought it!

I also got myself a couple pairs of shorts (.50 each).  Again, I really needed these!  I got the "Melanoma Sucks" button at the cancer center last week.  By the way, I got the "all clear" again!  Another scan in three months.  I'm just about one year off chemo now, and everything is going fine.

Somehow, though, I fell off the wagon recently and have bought quite a few things for me that are going right into the comic boxes, after I read them, of course.  Honestly, I'm feeling a little guilty about it.  I'm not talking three or four comics here.  It's more like three dozen!  For me!  Seriously!  I feel like a little piggy.

Keith is trying to convince me that it's still okay to be a collector from time to time, but I actually went over budget at  comic shop sidewalk sale on Saturday because of everything I bought for me!  I did get some things for the booth, but I busted the weekend yard sale budget on me!  Not good.  Bad junker!

To assuage my guilt a little bit, I'm going to turn my finds into a series of posts for the non-comic savvy junker.  Instead of getting all nerdy-geeky-yay-rah-whee about my finds, I'm going to try and share some history and information about what made these things special enough for me to pick up.  Hopefully, that info might help someone if they are ever confronted with a comic or two for sale.  I'll also be mixing some personal nostalgia in with the information, just to keep things interesting.

I'll be calling these posts "Comics Junking."  I hope some of you will find the idea intriguing enough to check out.   I'll parcel them out one a week over the next month or so.

Please be aware the you might encounter some odd-looking marine life.

Yes, comics from certain eras can be freaking weird!  Why do you think I love them so much?


Shara said...

Woo-hoo on the All Clear! That is wonderful. Golly, if you love comics and you have the money and you found some you love - BUY THEM. You gotta have a little treat once in awhile. I try not to keep as much as I used to - but some things just have to stay with me a while.

We are: Clamco said...

Eddie, I have a neighbor who asked me if I'd be interested in selling his comic book collection for him on ebay. I told him I didn't know enough about comics, about grading and all that. He said, "Oh I've already done that." I asked how many there were and I think he said 10 thousand. I told him I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole and that he should contact a comic book expert to have it all appraised and sell it all to a collector. Do you know anyone who buys in that kind of quantity?

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Ditto on the all clear woo-hoo that shara said! Okay to treat yourself out junking occasionally! We all do it! Makes you feel good!!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Ditto on the all clear woo-hoo that shara said! Okay to treat yourself out junking occasionally! We all do it! Makes you feel good!!

svelteSTUFF said...

YEH For HAPPY 'All Clear' News 8-)!!
(I've been at a hospice for the last 5 days with someone who just lost the battle)


Judy said...

So happy to know you have the all clear. Buy all the comics you want, you deserve them!