Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let us sing of unsung finds....

Here are a couple that fell through the cracks, because I forgot to take a picture at the time.  I've been intending to get to them in the intervening weeks and have just had so much to do at the booth that I kept forgetting.

But no more!

These are sacramentaries, basically the books the priest uses that have the rituals and rubrics for the different sacraments.  They can be pretty costly, depending on how ornate they are.  This stack used to be a little larger, but I've sold several of them already.  I went to an estate sale for an Old Catholic priest and bought a hunk of his library.

The books sit on the same shelf as this antique altar candle holder from a local church.  It's ornate and heavy and detailed and lovely!  I found it at a different sale on the same day that I bought the sacramentaries.  Short of finding the Holy Grail in someone's front yard, I think that one day may be about the best religious item scores one could hope for.

Days like that make you forget all of the duds and downers.

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