Thursday, June 12, 2014

So what else was in Mazda?

Finally!  here are some of the highlights of Saturday's finds that I didn't get to photograph earlier.  Mazda outdid itself for sure!

Two vintage Playskool hammer toys and a bunch of NIP games and puzzles.  I did get the hammers for the cobbler's benches, but they got separated in transit.  This is about half of the games I got.  I always hop on NIP games and toys when I can get them cheap.  They're sure sellers.

Floor lamp.

Vintage croquet mallets and holder.  No balls in this set.  (Insert juvenile joke here.  C'mon.  You know you want to.)

Enough percussion instruments to form a rhythm band.

Enough toy animals to start a zoo.  These suckers are big!  The 'gator in front is almost two feet long!  The elephant and tigers are still in the baggies, because that's where the prices are written.  This is less than a third of what I got.

Bag of assorted loose toys, parts, and what not.  Some vintage some not.  Lots of popular characters, like the Ninja Turtles.  I was looking through the toys at a yard sale and the woman there tells me they have a whole room full of boxes of toys in the basement.  They're trying to sell everything in order to sell the house, so she gave me a bag and told me to knock myself out.  It was a large, chaotic mess.  Nothing was organized.  But I dove in and filled my bag.  I was tempted to make her an offer on the lot of them, but I do not possess near the patience to deal with that level of mess.  (That's one of the traits I admire in Lorraine of We Are Clamco.)  Not to mention the fact that there were so many armless, legless, headless, and otherwise trashed toys in the lot.  I contented myself to stuff that bag with everything I could find that I know will work for me at the booth.  That still ended up being quite a lot.

Handmade rocking horse.

Two of the largest clipboards I have ever seen.  Seriously!  Those suckers are HUGE!

Hello Kitty pinata, because...well...Hello Kitty!  Duh!

 Pogo stick.

Wicker lamp.  I cannot decide if this is hideous or not.  I've really never gotten wicker, but others seem to like it.

Bedside table--nothing special, but solid.  I'm riding this small furniture gravy train until it stops.

Vintage wooden folding chair.  i have a little bit of a thing for thee, especially when they have padded seats.  I need to tighten the seat on this one.

Play fridge.  Heavy as all get out, just like a real one would be.  Reminds me of my days as a nursery worker.  I need to scrub some magic marker off of the inside.

Two of the best condition Fisher Price toys I have ever seen at a sale.  Not a crack.  Not a mark.  Not a chip. Every single sticker and label intact.  Awesome.  There was also a school bus in similar condition.  Just for a moment I was four again.

I keep seeing a lot of these 70's stuffed footstools around.  I'm not sure if they're becoming a thing or not, but just in case, I'm there!

My fave find of the day was this sushi playset.  It's got over 50 pieces! It even has chopstick rests!  I think I would have died if I hadn't bought it.  Yes, I know how lame that sounds, but as soon as I saw it at the sale, it was all I could think about.  It's just about this most awesome thing ever.   

You could see one of these end tables in the original Mazda pic, but I wanted to show that there was a pair.

There was a ton more small stuff, but I try to keep these posts from going on forever, believe it or not.  It was a really good day, all in all.


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