Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Personal Tenets

We've all got them, those beliefs that form and shape who we are at the core of our beings.  From time to time I mention one of mine in passing in a post, but this may be the first time I've actually devoted a whole post to one.

That should tell you that, as far as personal tenets go, this one is a biggie.

Are you ready?  Sure?  Okay, then.  Here goes.

Every fat guy should own at least one t-shirt that says "Athletic Department" on it.  I've got mine!

It was one of my purchases for personal use during the closing days at my old mall.  Some times, you buy 50-75% off stuff to re-sell (re-re-sell?).  Other times, you buy it for your own use.  I mean, I had this personal tenet and didn't actually have such a shirt!

It's such a relief to have that taken care of!

Honestly, I get a little tickled wearing that shirt.  I'm not only quite obviously not athletic, but also so totally clueless that I wouldn't know a double dribble from a foul ball from a fumble.  I think the reason that my mom ended up having two kids was to make sure that she had one she could discuss UK basketball with.  Good thing, too!


Roger Owen Green said...

Obviously, I need to work on this.

Lynn said...

Personal tenets? Oh yes, being brought up Catholic I must have them. I was athletic in high school but not so much now unless you count walking! We're back from Sri Lanka - had an amazing time. Now must get caught up!

Donna Wilkes said...

I do have a few personal tenets, but I think of them as quirks. I have a collection of work shirts with different names on them. I go forth into the flea market as Dennis, John, or my favorite Willard. Someone always comments on how unusual it is for a girl to have a boy's name!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Ha!! I need one also, since I am old and overweight (aka fat). I love you so much for making me smile today!

Shara said...

I have seen those athletic shirts that say XXL SPORTS DEPT.

My husband really does not own one thing that doesn't say athletic department or Razorbacks on it. Even his SOCKS have Hogs on them. It's beyond ridiculous.

I suppose my tenet, although I don't really know what that means - lemme go google it - OK - Got it - that's what I thought. So, here's mine - "If they have it in PINK, I'll take it."