Sunday, March 22, 2015

Your Chiquito of the Month Catch-Up

Here are the January and February pics from the Chiquito calendar.


This is one of those sleeping poses I was talking about in Wednesday's post!  He seriously does this all the time.  How can you not love it?


Look at that face!  You just have to love it to pieces, I tell you!


Here's the cover for the calendar.

This was right after he came to live with us.  He has always had to greet us when we come home. Vociferously and enthusiastically.  The first one home gets the most intense treatment.  It's like we've been gone for days.  Seriously.

So on this day, Keith got home first.  He did the whole "love the kitty" routine, then bent over to take his shoes off.  Chiquito, not being done with the loving part, hopped up on the table, then crawled over on Keith's back and started kneading and purring.  Keith said it was hard to keep him balanced, but he managed to grab his camera and snap this shot.  I love it.  It so totally captures the sweet natures of both my fellows.

I'm so freaking lucky.


Donna Wilkes said...

How did he get his name Chiquito? Did he come with one of your banana boxes? Keith had a great idea - a kitty calendar gift.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love the photos! I know how you feel, my Charlie Kitty is so special to me and just enriches my life so much!


Shara said...

They are lucky to have you too, Eddie!

Marci said...

Great photos! I recently got two kitties and they are so stinking cute and fun. One of them rides my shoulders every single day! Sometimes I have to shove her off lol

Otter Mom said...

What a pretty kitty! Looks like he's very spoiled, but he's supposed to be after all.