Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Your Chiquito of the Month for March

Keith made me a calendar of pictures of Chiquito for Christmas.  I have been intending to do a post sharing the picture for each month for a while now.  January and February kind of got away from me for reasons that I don't need to repeat again. (Waaaaah! My store got closed!  Waaaaah!)  It slipped my mind this month, but we still have a lot of March left.  I'll do a catch up post in a couple of days with the Jan-Feb pics.  I've already created posts for the rest of the year, so this endeavor will go back on a monthly schedule.

In the March pic, you get two recurrent Chiquito themes.  One is his upside down perspective on the world.  He is the longest, slinkiest, twistiest cat I have ever known.  It's not uncommon to find him completely sacked out, while twisted around with his head upside down, his belly facing to the right and his rear end planted flat on the bed.

Then we have that paw, reaching out for...something.  He is always sticking that paw out for one reason or another.  To shift his water bowl around and splash water out of it.  To play with something.  To tap me on the arm (when I'm on the computer), shoulder (when I'm on the toilet), or face (when I'm asleep) when he wants attention.  A lot of times, you can find him laying asleep with one or both paws completely stretched out like that.  Even when he gets his loving, he'll lift that paw up and flex it while we rub his head.  This isn't usual kitty kneading.  He does this in mid-air!

The other day, I was out thrifting, and I found this:

Even the over-sized ears are perfect!
 Of course, he came home with me.  He's siting on top of my desk, watching me type right now.


Shara said...

What a great idea - your own cat calendar! My phone is chock full of kitty pictures. Chiquito is a sweet looking dude!

Donna Wilkes said...

Handsome kitty. Love that look as if he is deciding whether or not you need a lashing.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a nice gift! Kitty calender and then finding that kitty for your desk. Charlie loves to 'gently' tap my face with his paw...cats!