Friday, July 17, 2015


It's finally done!  Or, rather, as done as it's going to get for the moment. 

This is my final space:

Such as it is.  Sigh!

I'm not totally happy with it.  There's way too much stuff here, and much of it is in the wrong place.  Some of it is not even that great. 

Why do I have a booth of crap?  Well, it's not all crap, but there's more in this space than I like.  I realize that one person's crap is another person's gem, so I'm hoping some of this stuff will sell through.

I'll explain more about the crap next week, when I have a chance to take you all on a photo tour of all three spaces.

Oh yeah.

Please ignore that pile of junk in the floor in the middle of the photo.  You definition of "done" may be a little different than mine.

Or maybe I just wanted to get everything out of carts, and being in a pile on the floor counts for that.

Yep, I'm one lazy classy guy! 

I've got a lot of tweaking to do, for sure.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

That is a LOT of space Eddie. Great toy store/stuff. Easy to get too, in your face. Now REST/Hydrate and... carry on. I went on a buying day to an incredibly mildew smelling garage, filled my van and (that was when I discovered I have bought mildewed stuff) and after storing everything in the van overnight - PHEW when I was getting ready to leave for home. Had some lavender, opened the windows for an hour before I left. The mildew poisoned stuff is outside with the doors open/suitcases open and I hope it will air out. Tomorrow I will wipe everything down with a mild bleach solution and use febreze and likely repeat. I don't usually get 'tricked' but the garage was so awful and my throat got so sore that I couldn't smell anymore. I was so glad to leave that garage, wash my hands and drink a bottle of water.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You've come a long way baby! I think it's looking good. I see lots of junk that I would love to browse through. Can't wait for more pics but you deserve a rest!

Linda said...

Bravo,standing ovation !!!! I'd say encore performance , but you got it done. What pile of junk in the middle of the floor ???? Lol now take it easy, job well done. Have a great weekend. Are you as humid in Kentucky as we are in Ohio ? YUCK TT

svelteSTUFF said...

You are an inspiration to the rest of us!!

Judy said...

Lookin' good! It represents a ton of hard work.