Friday, July 03, 2015

Friendly Faces

I spent yesterday cleaning off my desk, because it was something I could do sitting down.  I still have a tote of junk beside it to go through, but I'll do that Saturday.  I've needed to do this, like, forever!

As often happens, I found a bunch of stuff that I had forgotten about:  a few comic books, some booth reports, a bunch of blank price tags, a couple of holy cards, some vintage Christmas cards, and a trio of friends:

Two cute vintage Kokeshi dolls and a Little People airline attendant!

Say hello, everyone!

Hello, everyone!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Glad you got something done that was easy. Love the little peoples!! It is pouring rain here so not sure how much I'll get done today!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Cute Kokeshi dolls. I have 3 taller (like 6") that I put in my booth. Had them around for ages too. Take a picture of your desk when its cleaned off and then look at the picture when you need to see organization did happen. My desk is our kitchen table and clearing it off for sit down meals (which are usually birthday type meals) takes a lot of shuffling things into boxes and baskets etc. Happy 4th tomorrow. Our Canada Day on the 1st was pretty quiet. Stayed home, the 2 dogs and grandson were with his Mom. Love a quiet day.

Donna Wilkes said...

I am wondering which desk I would have to clean off? So far we have managed to duck all festivities this weekend - it is cool and rainy - perfect for staying in and shopping the house. Get some rest!

Shara said...

Those are the tiniest Kokeshi I have ever seen! Or is that a HUGE FP chick? Ha. My desk is organized chaos. Paperwork, notes, ideas and lots of cuteness for me to stare at when I don't' feel like ding anything productive. :) Happy 4th! said...

Just had to say "hi". I'm your newest follower, I don't have a blog but had to find out who EM was, leaving HILARIOUS comment's on Donna's -Distressed Donna's blog !!!! I have been reading your prior post's catching up, more to go. Congratulation's on your recent marriage :))) Sending you some positive energy your way. Kick your feet up on that desk and relax. Love your blog , TT