Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Rambles

This is what it's like here right now.

It's that hot.  And humid.  And icky.  To top it off, we get these thundering downpours that last an hour or so several times a day, making everything even stickier and more humid afterwards.  It's kind of like living in South Florida.

We went out for maybe two-three hours on Saturday, and I could not wait to get home.  I'm kind of glad to have a moratorium right now. I certainly don't wanna be standing in some stranger's driveway, dripping in sweat.

I did go to a nerd herd sidewalk sale at the comic shop on Saturday, because those are not part of the moratorium and I need lots of comics for the booth these days.  Instead of being 50 cents each, like they usually are at these sales, the comics were a quarter each, which is bargain city!

I was thinking that they would move the sale indoors, due to the heat.  They have a side room that they have used in the past for sales, including three this year.  However, everything was out on the sidewalk in the blazing heat.  At one point, it was just me and one other guy there.  He looks at me and says:  "Either we like this stuff a lot or we're nuts."  Or both. It was pretty miserable.

That song, by the way, is a John Prine classic, which has also been covered by my beloved Iris DeMent.  I could not find a good video of either of them performing it, so I went with Josh Ritter, who is quite a fine singer-songwriter in his own right.  (Still love my Americana music!)

Like I always say, you can't go wrong with a Prine song for a blog-opener.  Well, maybe I don't always say that, but I do when the occasion calls for it.  Like this one.

We've had so much rain that all our bushes and such are growing out of control.  I keep thinking about working on that a little bit, but the heat keeps putting me off.  If you drive past our house, turn your head.  At least the neighbors haven't complained yet.

Tomorrow is a treatment day.  Number six, I think.  I'm scheduled early, early this time, so maybe I won't get caught by the delays we've had the past couple of times.  Then I'll be home for my post-treatment nap.

I'm going to try to go the booth Wednesday and Thursday.  It will need straightening and tweaking.  I want to get some better pics too.  I have not promoted the booths on Craigslist for a while, since i moved into this store, in fact.  I need to get in gear again.  I'll share pics with you all, of course.

My plan for the next few weeks is to keep the place tidy, but not to restock for a bit (except maybe for comics and replacing furniture that sells).  I've got a bit too much in stock in the booth right now and need to sell it down to make room for new stuff.

One of the odd things that I often is experience is a slight sales drop after I do a lot of work on the booth.  It's not a big one this time, but there is a difference between what was happening when the place was trashed and what's going on now, counter-intuitive as it sounds.  Sometimes,  I cannot figure this business out.

Finally, a new idea.  Blog pal Roger dealt with last week's incredibly boring ramble by asking an excellent question.  That gave me an idea:  Why not see if anyone else has any questions they would like to ask?



If you've ever had a question(s) that you wanted to ask me, leave it in the comments, or drop me en email, or contact me on Facebook.  I'll take those questions and answer them here in the blog in upcoming posts.  Deadline for questions is this Friday!  Get pondering and get asking!  I'll answer Roger's question in a few days.

Thanks for reading!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Darn, can't think of a question. Love pictures of your booths so, more pictures??? Thinking of you for tomorrow morning, early I hope. Hugs.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That song is great! It is so hot, hot, hot I am having trouble getting out at all. Thinking of you this AM and hoping the treatment goes well. Questions, how did you get started in the junk business?

Roger Owen Green said...

What's your general rule about whether someone should be outed? Does it have to do with when they're GOP schmucks, e.g.?

Who are your heroes, living or dead?

Judy said...

Inquiring minds want to know.....How did you and Keith meet?