Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Climb Every Mountain!

This is not Sorrow Mountain.

This is Sorrow Mountain's younger cousin.  His name is the Somewhat Rounded Hillock of Minor Despair and Slight Melancholy.  (SRHMDSM for short.)

We got this unit in order to get some stuff out of the house for a little while, so we could figure out if we still needed it or not. Unfortunately, during that time, I had to start the move out at Dixie when it closed. 

I don't have a lot in there, junk-wise.  Mainly, it's the last bits of stuff from the storage room I bought last winter, my unsold holiday merch from last year, and my religious book section, which is in the milk crates.

Non-junkwise, about half my personal books are in there. I went through the half in the house for the big spring extravaganza book sale.  Now it's time to start to work on these books for the fall version.

I spent some time there yesterday, just getting this it all organized.  I pulled most of the religious books to take to the booth and got all the books and all the holiday stuff together in their own sections.  I sorted the last bits of stuff from the buy-out, tossing a couple of boxes of crap.  Now that it's all grouped, I can just go in and pull what I want to take or need to work with and go. 

After I get my books ready for the sale, most of what I'll have left here can be transported to Sorrow Mountain, since I've been making some room over here.  At this point, I cannot imagine either of us keeping any of the household stuff that is in there, as neither of us can remember what it is!

This is one hillock that isn't long for the world.  (But it did serve its purpose and definitely helped out when needed.)

Downsizing.  Feels good.  This is another one of those tasks that I wanted to have done (or at least started) weeks ago.

And then I found an antique frame with the glass and an old ceiling light fixture in the dumpster.  I told Keith that I made a trade.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

This looks very manageable! I'm glad your getting through some of your books and things. I've found that if I take things out it does help me to see what I have and want to keep. Love that you found some dumpster keeps!

Melissa said...

Looks like the right side of my garage. It has been like that for years. My fiancee doesn't complain about parking outside or that we really only live in a 2 bedroom house (since I use one as an "office" aka more junk storage). He just shakes his head and asks how much I made on something when he sees me packing it up for the post office.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great dumpster finds. Thing 'thing' with reselling is have SO much stuff waiting its turn. Hugs.

Judy said...

Ah.... A pilgrimage to Sorrow Mountain. Glad you got rid of some stuff, too. Sounds like you found a couple of good dumpster finds.

Shara said...

I'm actually contemplating getting a small storage space to put my stuff. I have so much set up stuff for The Junk ranch that I need but for the JR or in the booths from time to time. Or at least to put it all there so I have some move around room to clear out the junk I no longer want. There is just stuff everywhere. UGH. Also, whenever I clear things out and donate them, I always find another treasure. :)

Donna Wilkes said...

I have put my foot down - Horror Monster will not under any circumstance be getting a vacation home in a storage facility. Even though a new one opened up which looks grander than most houses here. Sorry, Rounded Hillock of Minor Despair. Good for you for actually throwing away something. It hurts like hell to do it. Today I threw away several items I had planned to transform. Just five minutes later my neighbor came over with some rusty treasures he uncovered at his farm. Oh, well.

Marci said...

Oh Eddie, i love your sense of humor. SRHMDSM made me LOL as the kids like to say. I am glad you are getting so much accomplished, you get me motivated so Keep it UP! said...

You are a man on a mission !! So happy to read all of your blog's this week :)) I know when I throw some stuff away or take thing's to the local resale store it bring's those healthy endorphin's out !!! Sound's like you have your duck's in a row , don't overdo it. Great job on the dumpster find's !! Hug's TT