Sunday, September 13, 2015

What's in Mazda?

It's another two-fer day here at the Eddie-torial Comments house of glee and mayhem!  That's right!  You're getting two Mazda shots!  I love spoiling you all like this.

There was a plentiful plethora of large, fruitful sales in our neighborhood yesterday, so we decided to do a house drop off before heading to the community sale across town.  I actually remembered to get a shot before taking the stuff out!  (Don't count on it ever happening again.  These early unloads often throw me for a loop when it comes to the Mazda shots.)

Here's shot one.

Ignore Keith's box of fire logs in the back and whatever that blue thing is in the front.

This is the second shot, complete with one of the day's coolest finds in plain view.  And it's not the one you think it is.

The two bags in the very front have groceries in them, so they don't count.

There are lots of stories that come with this batch folks!  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, what do you see in Mazda?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

First Mazda shot: Well blow mold candles (duh), book glass jars, lamp, shelves, wire things and some Christmas!!

Second Mazda shot: (harder to see, most things in bags) obvious the Vatican? model, but the wooden thing looks so it a mantel? Now I can't wait to find out!

Curious Linda!

Shara said...

I love those old glass candy jars. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to those...... Also BLOWMOLD CANDLES. Woohoo for you! I see lots of goodies in there - good for you! What did you get at the grocery store???? :) said...

I see the 2 blow mold candle's, a tole painted teal tray, another tree, the three piece glass jar set w/stainless lid's. Second view, of course the gold Vatican and I'm thinking a nice book shelf , I see the shelf in the middle but the top I'm not quite sure. Sorry, Donna didn't have any quickie's today, but I'm there !! Come see me. :-) TT

Donna Wilkes said...

Okay, so I am the dunce in the group who thought I spied the Taj Mahal and it turns out to be the Vatican. Does the Pope know? Whatever that distressed wooden thing is under the Vatican, I desire it! Love the blow molds - hope they are Empire. I see unfinished tool caddies and a lovely tole painted green planter. I did wonder why you had fire logs in there - should have guessed Keith.

Judy said...

Boy, people have great eyes! I missed most of what they found til I went back and looked again. I did spy the tole tray because I collect them. Can't wait to see what other treasures the Mazda holds!

Melissa said...

First - loving the blowmolds! Also, I once bought 5 boxes of firestarter logs at an auction for a buck. How can you pass up keeping your home warm that cheaply? We usually do a fire in our outdoor fire pit every weekend and during the winter our fireplace gets used every dang day! Also, I am longing to see what the big wooden distressed piece is in shot 2.