Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let's get SPOOKY!

I usually don't get my Halloween stuff out until September 15 or so, but this year I did it at the beginning of the month.  It sat there for a couple of days, then started selling really nicely--several pieces a day in fact.

On Monday, I had to completely redo the area to fill in the holes and gaps.  I used all my reserve stuff in the process, so everything is out now.  I also managed to remember to get pics.

This is my favorite shelf. So many happy skulls and pumpkins!

I'm no great display talent, but I'm happy with it.  I kind of went overboard hanging things on the sides of the shelves and did not place and space my hooks in anything resembling a reasonable fashion.  Still, I like it.

There are a few things tucked into shelves (like three Halloween wreaths) that need to be more fully on display, but that problem should work itself out when a few more things sell.  I usually have a 75-85% sell through on my Halloween each year.  I'm hoping with my earlier start, I may go higher than that.

Since we're looking at pics, this is my fall display.  It's small because I never do get much fall stuff.  Historically, it doesn't sell that great for me.  It's on a little bit of a roll this year, though.  We'll see.

Hope that you didn't find my little spooky tour to be too hair-raising!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Looks like you have windows behind your booth. Natural light. Good selection of Halloween. Lots of spooky. I've put in what I have which isn't much, 2 pieces sold, 10 to go.

Judy said...

Excellent spookage! Just the right amount of hair raising merchandise.

Shara said...

I don't ever put an fall or Hallowween in my booth - it never sells for some reason. But the Junk Ranch is another story. LOTS of it going there.

Your do is fantastic.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lots of fun in you booth. Love the 'flirty pumpkins'!! The Fall display is nice also but I really like that last pic!!
Linda said...

Ooooo, I see some item's in your spooky section I'd like to purchase , darn you !!!! It was a hair raising cyber experience for me . Lol have a fab week :-) TT

Melissa said...

Halloween doesn't sell at our mall. And there's a lady who has a whole locked case full of some very cool rare vintage pieces. And they've never sold in the 10 years they've been in the case! I do well selling the few vintage pieces I find on ebay and etsy.

Lynn said...

Your space loooks very inviting! Jus the right mix of regular stuff and Halloween!