Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet YesterNook!

Like I've mentioned a time or two now, I've just taken space in a second store, YesterNook, which is located in the historic Germantown/Schnitzelburg area of Louisville, not too terribly far from my house.

One of the many things I love about the building is the architecture.  There are so many awesome features, that at times I find myself looking at them, instead of at all the wonderful merch!  It just looks and feels so right for this to be a place where secondhand goods, especially a lot of vintage items, are sold.  It's warm and cozy, which makes you want to stay a while, then buy something to take a little of that feeling home.

So, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of those features for you all here.  Maybe it will inspire you to make the trek to Louisville and check it out!

Note to any YesterNook vendors who see this:  I wasn't really intending to spotlight any one booth or item, but I couldn't help but catch some things in my pics.  We have stuff everywhere, you know!  So, don't feel slighted if your booth isn't featured here.  Also, if you do see your space/stuff here and would prefer that it not be shown, let me know and I'll be glad to take the pic down.

One of the things you can't help noticing are all the arches.  I just love the arches!  They frame everything so nicely and kind of draw you through to the next space.


Double arches.  (The left one goes to my space.  The right one goes to the cashier stand.)

Triple arches.

And then there are the wonderful hardwood floors.  The upstairs is all wood.

And there are spots downstairs as well, particularly in front of the cash register.

I think the old counter, plus the hardwood flooring there gives it a real nostalgic feel.

In some spots, there are these cute little windows that let you peek from one room into the next.

One even has glass in it!

And, then there are all the wonderful spaces!  There are rooms...

within rooms....

within rooms!  Seriously, we just toured three rooms, each one leading you to the next.

Practically every time you come into a space, you get a little tease of what's to come.  Those little peeks keep pulling you through, making sure you see everything.

I hope you're intrigued by what you saw.  A lot of work went into getting the building ready to open.  It looks even more awesome in person.  Why don't you stop by for a tour?  Or maybe, to buy something?

I've got this waiting for you in my space!

C'mon!  You know you want to!

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the tour - I love the arches, too and wish you weren't quite so far away!