Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And, now, for no reason whatsoever, I present...




Also, Buddha Nostrils.

And Buddha Ear Holes.

If you look up through the hole in the Buddha Bottom---did I really just write that--you can see the light from the nose and ears.

If you blow into the hole on the Buddha Bottom--I can't wait to see what that will do to my Google hits--air comes out the nose and ears.

This has been your Buddha Exploration Moment of the Day.

PS Buddha really likes the colored lip gloss.  I think he totally rocks it!


Roger Owen Green said...

Demented. In a GOOD way...

EM said...

Thanks, man. I'm glad someone gets me.

Unknown said...

I just learned I am demented...I enjoyed every picture of Budha and comment. Cute Budha...wait, can Budha be cute?! I enjoy your blog