Monday, June 04, 2012

New Month Monday Rambles

Happy June Everyone!

Well, last week turned out to be better than the one before!  Much less whiny Eddie this time around!

First off, I was able to blog throughout the week (thanks to some planning), even though I wasn't at home.  The house where I pet-sit has such a lousy internet connection that I never know for sure what's going to happen.  But, in looking through my draft file, I found one nearly complete post that I was able to wrap up before I left and schedule.  Then, on Wednesday, I was able to get on long enough to do the Doc Watson post.  That, plus my usual weekend video postings, means that I am now toppling the 2011 post record and 2008 is going to fall this week!  Halfway through the year, and I'm well on the way to making this my mostest postest year, ever!  Yay, me!

And the sales slump finally ended.  I did make rent at both locations, and will even get a check at both!  Of course, one of them won't be very big, but it beats paying out.  Now, if I can just have a month with consistent sales in both locations, I'll be one happy junker.  Once things got back to their usual levels at one site, I ended up with the third highest month for the year so far, which both makes me very happy and pisses me off to no end.  I can't help thinking about what my month end total would have been without that low sales week.  Arrgh!

So far, sales are steady at both locations.  Had a killer Saturday at one spot and a surprising Sunday at the other.  Of course, it's too early to think about anything or make any calls, but I am hopeful for a good June.

The weekend was busy.  Hit tons of sales and made a lot of purchases.  I'm going to be doing all that up in a special post tomorrow, with a follow-up on Wednesday. I hit the big library book sale yesterday for the last day 10 dollar box special and got three boxes.  Just got through pricing all that this morning.  There are an awful lot of drudge tasks associated with this junk thing.

I got a new (to me) bike last week.  The shop looking at the back up bike told me it had a cracked frame, so there wasn't anything they could do for it.  So, I ended up getting one from a new place that just opened up.  It actually ended up being a no brainer for me and a totally awesome experience!  There is seriously so much about this place that is awesome. 

It's not only local, but it's actually in my neighborhood.  There are too few businesses in this part of town.  It's a new business, which is a good thing in this economy.  It's also this kid who's just starting out and is pursuing his dream.  You have to love that and support it!

Beyond that, he's all about putting older bikes back into use, which makes us kind of kindred spirits.  Anyway, my "new" bike is totally awesome.  It's a perfect bike for riding around town and has plenty of room  to put a couple of baskets on for thrifting.  All in all, it was a great choice at a great price and a great experience.  If you're in Louisville, check out Old Bikes Belong on Preston!

I'll try to get a pic of the new wheels up in the next couple of days.

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Shara said...

Can't wait to read your special post!@ And see all that Melmac. Any pink stuff??