Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out of them all, this one is by far my favorite!

Yes, he really just said that:

1.  Jesus was crucified on a pyramid.
2. By aliens.  Not the Jews, who have been blamed for centuries based on bad Bible interpretation.  Not the Romans.  Aliens.  Someone alert the Pope.
3.  The proof is on the Ohio flag.  I guess if you live in Ohio you should worry about something, but I really have no clue what it would be.

Folks, for the whole "train wreck" aspect of this stuff, it's awfully hard to beat Gorilla199.  He kind of runs the gamut, combining all kinds of alien invasion and Illuminati takeover stuff with a bizarre brand of apocalyticism that sees anyone and everyone as agents of the Anti-Christ.  He's also somewhat of a chameleon, changing and updating his beliefs from time to time.

He was square on the reptilian alien shapeshifter impostor bandwagon for a while, but he fell off of it.  Now, he seems to think that the whole thing is some sort of Masonic creation.  At least, he seesm determined to prove that David Icke, primary reptilian theorist, is actually a Mason.

He's also got a thing about someone called Apollyon the Destroyer, and the letters I, O, and X, particularly when they are seen together.  He also displays that uncanny ability many of these theorists have to see sinister symbols absolutely everywhere.  It often involves completely deconstructing or rearranging something (like he does with the Crucifixion scene in this video), but eventually he will get everything in the right order to make it say what he wants/needs it to say.

I've said it before when discussing this topic, but it bears repeating:


Simply fascinating.

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