Friday, January 11, 2013

2012: The Year that Was (Non-Cancer Edition)


What else happened to me in 2012?  Surely it wasn't all melanoma melodrama!

Damn tooting!  Except for Nigel and Sixtus, it was actually a pretty darn good year.

For starters, no one in the family died--neither human nor feline.  I'm kind of at the age where that has become one of the signs of a good year.  A few weeks after Mom died, I was standing in the graveyard and he looked around and said:  "There's an awful lot of people in here I used to sit down to Thanksgiving Dinner with."  I'm kinda glad to have kept the number of folks above the ground the same this year.

Then there's the job front.  My plethora of part-time gigs here and there yielded a connection that in turn yielded an awesome regular part-time gig, with just enough hours at the right amount of pay that allows me to do work that I love, and still have plenty of time for junking! 

I don't get benefits, but I got picked up on Keith's insurance this summer.  That is what has enabled me to get my surgery.

I had what I consider to be my best year of blogging ever, with over 200 posts in the hopper at year's end.

The junking front continues to reap benefits for me, both fiscal and otherwise.  I'll be writing a lot more about that in the year to come.

We bought a new car that's the right size for running around town, going camping, and junking!  The best of all worlds!

We saw Kris Kristofferson give an awesome open air show!  We also took a lovely trip to celebrate

Yes, those two tumorous twerps did rear their ugly little mugs, but they were dispatched.  Now, I just need to make it through the next steps, whatever those may be.  I really wish it was all over, but there is still some ways to go, unfortunately.

Overall, though, I can't complain.  There are things I could have done better.  Things I should have done better.  Things I wish I had done.  Things I wish I hadn't.  In that regard, it was a lot like every other year. Looking back always brings that kind of feeling, doesn't it?

As for 2013, who knows?  I guess we'll just have to take that journey together, huh?


Roger Owen Green said...

have a better 2013, tho glad 2012 was OK, too!

Pat said...

Glad to hear you are recuperating well. I hope you like the oncologist when you meet him or her; having a really good treatment team is important. Your attitude is super!
Good to hear that you have so many blessings in your life.
2012 was a much better year for me than 2011, and I'm hoping for an even better 2013!

Kathy said...

Here's to an awesome 2013 for you and yours, me and mine and all of us!!!