Sunday, January 06, 2013

December Sales

I guess it kind of goes without saying that December got a little chaotic toward the end of the month.  I had an awful lot going on and did not keep up with my spaces the way I should have.  One of the benefits of planning for holiday resale, though, is that your year-round planning can keep your space running, even if you cannot be as attentive as you need to be.  Because I had everything out that I needed to have out at the times that I needed to have them out, I was able to get by with brief straightening and tidying visits, instead of massive stock time.

I guess the true proof is in the pudding, because, when all was said and done, December was my second-best month overall for 2013.  I had lots of high dollar days and sold lots of my holiday items.  I haven't gone through everything, but I'm thinking I had about a 75-80% sell through on my holiday stuff, including several  things that had been left from previous years.  When I clean out the Xmas stuff this week, I plan on donating anything that's been through a couple of seasons with me and creating a pretty clean slate for next year.  Thanks to some good sales in December, that donation will be smaller than I thought.

I got really lucky in early November when I was given a huge bunch of stuff in payment for some work I had done.  It was all Xmas, and it was the gift that kept on giving, week in and week out.  A good portion of it was Xmas village houses and people and stuff, which proved to be strong, steady sellers.  I had so many of them that I got tired of pricing them.  I tossed a whole bunch of the lesser quality houses in a box with a lot price.  Sold it too!

I've been trying to make note of the things that did well (and less so) for me this year, so I can keep my eyes open for them.  Wrapping paper did really well for me.  I simply have to have some for next year.  Xmas cards, not so much, unless they were vintage.  I sold a lot of Xmas dishes, but most of them did not sell until after the holidays, oddly enough.  Also odd (to me at least), very few of my AnnaLee mice sold.  Not sure what was up with that.

Anyway, chaotic or not, December turned out to be good for me, sales-wise.  I hope it was for you as well.  Maybe it's going to be a good sign for 2013.  We'll see.

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