Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm feeling rested and better after a few days off.  I'll probably post more starting next week.  Slowly, but surely.

We went to the oncologist today.  Some things discussed:

I'm considered to have Stage 3b melanoma.

I seem to be healing well from the surgery.

I'll probably have to have some radiation to ensure that they did get everything.  Due to the placement of Nigel, they weren't quite able to take enough surrounding skin, due to anatomical issues.  They like to take a "buffer zone" of 2 cm, but could not get that much on one side.  Since that leaves the possibility that there might be some cells that got missed, we need a back up treatment plan. 

There's also a chemo option under consideration, to keep the cancer from returning.  It would be a six month regimen, with a treatment every four weeks.  Apparently, they have some chemo options that don't have quite so severe side effects.  This has to wait, though, until I finish healing up from the surgery.

I have a follow up appointment in three weeks, where I think plans will be finalized.  I also have a meeting with a radiologist on Thursday, so I'll get more information about that.

That's all I know for right now.  It's starting to get a little frustrating at this point. I'm starting to feel like docs are talking past me and not to me.  One doctor actually left us waiting for answers he was supposedly going to get and never came back!  After waiting over 25 minutes for him to return, a nurse popped in to take blood and then lead me to get my next appointment scheduled.  I'll update here as I get more details.


Roger Owen Green said...

bad manners in medical care sucks

Shara said...

Sending good thoughts your way, my friend.