Thursday, January 24, 2013

Further Updates

Just got back from the radiologist appointment.  It was nice and easy and quick, like they all should be.  No disappearing docs.  The radiologist actually carried on a conversation with me, which was nice.

As a follow-up to the surgery, I'll be having five radiation treatments over the next three weeks, starting next week.  Next Monday, I'll go in for "targeting" which sounds both kind of cool and kind of creepy.  I'll have my first zap towards the end of the week, then two zaps the next week, and two the week after.  I did ask about the super-power, but they said it would only happen if a spider got zapped at the same time and then bit me.  Oh well.

I'm feeling a ton better overall this week.  Much less pain and fatigue.  I'm still pretty bushed at the end of the day, but I don't tire as much during the day.  The swelling has gone down to the point where I have a jawline again.  Soon, I'll have to start admitting that my face looks fat because it is fat.  I won't be able to blame the surgery much longer.

Look for some form of regular posting to return next week. 

The beat goes on and the saga continues!


Shara said...

Still praying for good things for you Eddie. You are such a great guy!

Pat said...

Thinking of you, and wishing you all the best as you begin your radiation treatments. Targeting is kind of fun; you are on the treatment table and they shine lights on you. You might even get a tattoo! I asked for a big ass Harley tattoo on the special part of my anatomy, but I ended up with these little dot that are smaller than a pen point. Lots of good wishes sent your way!!