Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Help Me. Stop Me. Please.

Three or more of anything is a collection.  I swear to god, folks, these things are all at the booth and for sale.  Really.  What is wrong with me??  Would it help if I told you they were a buck or so each?

The old school urinals are kind of cool in their own way.

I never saw one with a graniteware finish before.  

I cleaned this one out after I took the pic!

This one has a lid for neatness' sake.
I think using the spout in the gray one while lying in a hospital bed and not making a mess in the process would be a bit of a challenge.

This has been Eddie's plea for help for the week.


Roger Owen Green said...

OK, Eddie. STOP!

Shara said...

I actually have three of these in my bathroom for decoration. I know they are weird, but they are cool too. And, maybe useful???? :O

Deana said...

I think the urinal would be neat turned into a Colonial Williamsburg birdhouse! Google a pic of that and you can see what I mean. Would look good on an old barn or garden fence.