Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun Finds: Doing the Research

So I found these little dudes at the YesterNook outdoor sale and could not resist them.

I can't decide whether they are cute or creepy.
They have no markings on them, other than the words "Mattel 1975" on their backsides.  I googled "Mattel toys 1975" and found a pic of one of them from an old Etsy sale.  That sale led me to the phrase "lil guy", which I added to my search.  That then turned up an eBay auction for a Mattel Little Big Guy.  Turns out, these little dudes are firemen and originally came with removable coats and boots. Cool!

And, that, my friends, is how you research your finds!

I also found a couple of other great items at the sale, as well.

This super-cute dollhouse dresser has an actual mirror on it, instead of a piece of tin foil or some such.

I also got this sweet Hummel holy water font.  It's cracked, but for two bucks, I'll take it!  It's likely the only way I'll be able to have an old piece of Hummel.  This one goes in the collection.

I love this mini metal bench that's been painted to look like graniteware.

Just goes to show that shopping can happen anywhere, even when you're selling!

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Lynn said...

I think you can find just about anything on google with the right words. As you probably know, I love to do the research.

Getting it posted to sell, umm not too much!!