Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday Rambles

First things first:


I'm still alive.  Still here.  A little less green and a little less pukey.  I didn't eat much at all on Thursday or Friday, but my appetite started stirring a bit over the weekend.  I'm dealing with major taste issues right now, which makes eating less fun.  Everything seems to taste like tin foil.  I hope that goes away quickly.  It's not appetizing.  In the least.

Soda doesn't taste right, either.  I know I probably drink too much of the stuff, but I can't take the day without at least one Diet Dr Pepper.  Worse than that is the way coffee and tea taste right now.  That one has to clear up soon.  I'm not pleasant after three days without coffee.  Pretty much the only things that are drinkable to me right now are water and fruit punch.  Again, that may not be a bad thing, but I'd kinda like to make those choices myself, rather than have chemo making them for me.

There are other taste issues besides the overt metallic ones, too.  Different parts of my tongue are far more sensitive to regular sensations than they should be.  I cannot eat even the mildest salsas without burning my tongue right now.  If it's more than tomato sauce that has maybe looked at some cilantro, then I can't hang with it.  I can't eat anything with ginger-flavoring, either.  After this last round, I've had to add salty foods to the list.  (But I refuse to give up popcorn!  Do you hear me, chemo?  I don't care if it takes me three days to eat a bag!  I WILL NOT GIVE UP POPCORN!!!!)

You know what else is a challenge when your tongue is like this?  Brushing your teeth.  The flavors and breath-fresheners and mouthwashes make for a powerful whang.  It's amazing the things we don't notice when everything is in balance and working right.

Still, I am feeling better, but just a little.  I think I'll be able to get through this week without passing out at work or puking on my porch.  Thanks so much for your well-wishes, everyone.

Since I stayed close to home this weekend, I don't have any cool finds to report or sales tales.  Sorry folks.  I'll make that up big time next week, since it's the YesterNook outdoor sale!  I'm planning on pulling a bunch of booth duds out and marking those puppies to sell.  Plus, I'm going to have a table of dollar books and at least two boxes of fifty cent comics.  If I feel well enough this week to get into my shed, there could be some vintage leather jackets for sale as well.  And I'm only one of the sellers!  It'll be an event not to be missed.

(It had better be.  I'm giving up what is hands down the best church sale in town to do this on that particular day.)

I have to apologize to some of the folks whose blogs I usually read.  I've gotten a bit behind of late.  I kind of made an effort to catch up over the weekend and will try to stay current.  I hate being so wrapped up in myself that I lose touch with others.  Case in point:  the good folks at We are: clamco.  They've got a heckuvalot going on with graduating (congrats Megan!) and all of the work that comes with prepping for a massive move. Yet, they still manage to turn it all into fascinating reading.  Go check it out and send them some love and encouragement.  I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

I'd also like to say a special "howdy" to my peeps from the ever-awesome Yard Sale Queen forum, who have been checking in on me.  Y'all are awesome!

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Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks. The bait tasted as awful as a lot of things are for you these days... Glad you're back. If you post, I WILL read.