Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Rambles

I have kind of deduced that my particular chemo cycle runs like this:

Infusion Week:  Feel Like Shit
Second Week:  Feel Little Better
Third Week:  Feel Tiredest of Cycle
Fourth Week:  Feel as Good as I am Going to Get (not saying too much here)
Then it all repeats.
Lather.  Rinse. Repeat.

So last week, I started feeling a little better.  The nausea subsided.  No more puking.  Still very, very tired, but I've been able to live with that, except that it annoys me not having any energy.  The tinfoil is mostly gone, bur Diet Dr Pepper still doesn't taste right.  I can drink coffee without gagging now, so that much is appreciated.

I guess this week I'll be the tiredest of the cycle.  Oh well.  I can deal with that.

The YesterNook outdoor sale went well.  I was under the awning, so I was out of the sun ll day.  I still wore the hat, though.  I sold some stuff, but not as much as I expected.  Mostly, it was books and comics.  Next time, that will be all I bring.  They're talking about doing another one in the fall, which would be fun.

The take for the day was about 60 bucks from the sale.  I say "about" because I was shopping out of my intake, so I don't have an exact number.  After the day was over, I took all the leftover books, LP's (given to me), and comics to Half-Price Books and cashed them in for another 90 bucks!  Not bad overall!

I did buy quite a few things, so I made up for missing the best church sale in town a little.  I also had a lot of stuff given to me, which seems to happen a lot.  I managed to sell a couple of the pieces there, and the rest will keep me stocked for a long while, which is nice.  I'm thinking on laying off the sales for a while.

I managed to get some longer essay posts finished this week.  Two "Junkin' Memories" and one "This is How we Do It."  Feels good to get some of those series moving again.  Look for them on Tuesdays (starting tomorrow) for the rest of June.  It also feels good to get the drafts folder cleared out a little.  I realized the other day that, if I can finish all the drafts I have accumulated, I'll have have a thousand posts published.  I'm working on it!

Speaking of posts, there's one you won't get to see.  I mentioned on Mother's Day that I was working on a post for the anniversary of my mother's death.  I did finish it, but it ended up being a bit too personal to share on the internet, so I set it aside.  Just wanted you all to know.

Got a busy week coming up this week  I'm adding new morning duties at work, which will last for the next three months.  Good to have the summer income, but I'll miss the sleep.  Thankfully, my afternoons are still open.  I should have two or three new posts up, so keep checking back.

Take care!

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