Tuesday, October 29, 2013


So last Sunday I'm sitting around at about ten til ten, just like I do every night, waiting for my sales email to come in from the Peddlers Mall.

My phone flashes!

It's in!

I punch up the email and, lo and behold, it's a massive, whopping $2.08!



Two dollars and eight cents.  Two-freaking-dollars and eight-freaking-cents!


So, I wail a bit.  And gnash my teeth.  And don sack cloth and ashes.  And curse the ground I walk on, the air I breathe, the sky above me, all the gods in heaven, and the day I was born.  No, scratch that last bit.  I rue the day I was born.  And I bemoan the cruel fate the will befall every junker several times in their junking life.*

The ebb and flow.

The yin and the yang of reselling.  Sometimes you're flush with $100+ days.  Sometimes you don't make enough to buy a decent latte.

Customers, they are a capricious and unpredictable lot.  Sometimes, they just ain't buying  your stuff.  And there's nothing you can do about it.  For the occasional ebbs, that is.

If you're having a constant, predictable series of non-starters as sales days, then something is wrong.  But, if you're getting a couple a month, nestled in amongst other good strong days, then you're probably okay.  $2.08 is better that $2.05 or $1.99 or $0.49 or---gulp----nada!

Sometimes a wee dose of perspective helps a lot, huh?

Seriously, I've had waaaaaaaay more than my share of those less than ten dollar days this year, and I fretted them, and--as soon as I could, I did something about them.  So far, for October, I've only had two, and they've been balanced out with lots of really good days, large item sales, and lots of activities.  I ain't gonna sweat this one.

Except, somewhere deep inside, in that place where I'm down on myself a lot.  Where I never quite believe that I know what I'm doing.  Where I don't always have the best self image and self confidence.

There, in that place, I'm totally stressed out about this.

But, I'm trying pretty damn hard to ignore that place.

*Hey!  I'm a drama queen!  We're required to wail, gnash, moan, curse, and rue at least once every six weeks, or we lose our license.  I'm in the "once every six days" club.  I get an extra star in my crown for that.  If I can keep it up for a full year, I get my own drama queen holiday!  Let's just say I'm doing pretty well on that one!


New York Erratic said...

I'm a terrific haggler, but I can't sell anything, so I'm pretty impressed by the fact you can.

Lynn said...

Good thing you have better days to balance out a bummer of a day like that! Just think of it this way, it is already in the PAST!