Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Rambles

Dang!  What a week!  It turned into all booth, booth, booth!  I didn't get anything else done, including blog posting.  Sorry about that.  Also, sadly for a vacation week, I only got to sleep in one day!  Ack!

Here's a play-by-play:


Went by the vendor mall I want to move into.  They were very busy on a Monday just after opening, which is good.  I'm still on waiting list.  Sigh.

Did buy a few things there, including an awesome gold and black basket to put in my Halloween display.  I'm going to put bones in it.  I also got a few small Halloween things to fill in some holes.  I have to buy cautiously at this point.  I still want the display to look full and fresh, but I also want to start condensing it to one table.

Ate yummy Mexican food lunch.

Went to Peddler's Mall to straighten, tidy, and stock after weekend.  Had a cartful of items I had taken down to sell in the outdoor sale that needed to be returned to the shelves.  They did not get returned on Monday.

Instead, I bought a ton of items from two booths where the vendor had been evicted.  When an eviction happens, the vendor can't get their stuff until they pay the rent that is owed.  The mall sells it in an attempt to recoup some of the losses, since typically the vendor doesn't come pay and the mall is stuck with the stuff.  Most of the seized stuff is crap.  (There's a reason the vendor wasn't making rent.)

Evicted space.  You can't make rent if customers can't get in the damn booth!

I ended up buying a cartful of miscellaneous stuff, a metal baker's rack, a retro metal plant stand, a work table, and a wooden doll bench.  Even though they're trying to make their money back, the mall really doesn't want to deal with the stuff, so it's really cheap.  I ended up dealing with all that for the rest of the day.

In the cart, I found a couple of bowls marked Hall.  At first I thought they were Autumn Leaves, better known as the Jewel Tea pattern, but there was too much color.  Autumn Leaves doesn't have any green in it.  Turns out, it's a pattern from the 30's called Crocus.  Both bowls are chipped, but that kind of makes me love them even more.  This stuff was made to be used and used, not collected.  To me, evidence of that utilitarian life gives them character.  I hope someone else loves them too.

Not Jewel Tea, but Crocus


Went junking with my uncle.  I sold him a vintage campset from a box lot I bought.  It will sell better in his flea market set up.  He sold me a cool set of vintage bells for teaching music.  I was on the hunt for more religious items, since my religious wall has been pretty well cleaned out.  I did find a few.

Also got word that due to repairs needed from the roof collapse, my booth at YesterNook was being closed off and the stuff boxed up and stored.  Tried to negotiate with the owner on how that was to be done.  Ended up feeling really bummed about that, since I won't be able to have any kind of a sell down on my stuff.


Went to YesterNook to see what I could do.  There is a big-ass hole in the ceiling right outside my booth.  I do not understand how my stuff was not damaged.  The booth across the aisle from me was totally wiped out.


Not thrilled to see my stuff used to block off aisle.

My booth with restricted entrance.  It's empty now.  Everything has been removed.

Potential Big Ass Hole.  This one is right above my space.

Spent the morning packing up my religious articles to move to the Peddlers Mall.  Also moved all my small furniture items out.  Half went to the Peddlers Mall.  Snuck the other half into the YesterNook rough room without permission.  Shhhh.

Bought a couple of table top book racks to use at Peddlers Mall to hold graphic novels.

Talked with the store owner.  Managed to get an agreement to hold out the stuff I wanted to put in the store outdoor sale and to keep my stuff accessible in storage so I can continue moving out.

Took load to Peddlers Mall.  Worked on religion wall.  I hadn't realized how hard it had been hit until I pulled everything off it to redo it.  Normally the stuff from that area fills a cart and then some.  This time, it was barely half a cart.

Did not get items from outdoor sale back on shelves.


Went back to Peddlers Mall.  Finished religion all re-do.  I added some shelving that I bought over from YesterNook to give it some new pizazz.  Finally, got the items from the outdoor sale back on the shelves.  Started Xmas display.  Tidied and foofed.

Hit my fave downtown thrift and found a small stash of religious stuff.  Chatted with the cashier a while.  Talked myself out of an end table.


Sleep in day!  Finally!  Got stuff ready for the Outdoor Sale at YesterNook.  Made a Craigslist ad for my stuff there.   Sorted two boxes of comics--priced some to go to Peddlers and boxed the rest for the sale.  Caught up on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.


YesterNook Outdoor Sale.  Sold about a hundred bucks worth of stuff, including a couple of large items I did not want to move.  Tried to negotiate a deal for some of my large shelving, but I'm not sure if it's going to go through or not.  Would love to not have to move all of them, but we'll see.  Bought a couple of things and had a bunch given to me, including a huge Xmas wreath.  Went to quarter sale at comic book shop.  Bought a stack of comics.  Moved all remaining small furniture to Peddlers Mall.  Stashed boxes of smalls at home.


Sorted and priced stuff from outdoor sale.  Put up some new Craigslistings for Peddlers Mall booth. Sorted and priced comics.  Got load ready for Peddlers Mall.  Wondered where week went.

And that was the week that was.  I'm heading to the Peddlers Mall this afternoon after work.  Got to restock, tidy, and foof.  Also going to put out the very last Halloween stuff.  After that, it's time to watch the remaining stuff sell through.  I made rent yesterday, which is the earliest that has happened all year!  Really psyched about that.

This week, I'm going to try and see how accessible my stuff is that YesterNook has in storage.  I don't think there was much follow through on that after all.  I also have to get ready for my own yard sale, which will be Saturday.  After that, I'm taking a load of books to Half-Price Books to sell.  That should clear enough storage room for me to start moving the last of my stuff out of YesterNook.  My goal is to be gone there well before the end of the month deadline.  We'll see how it goes.

Last furlough, I was still tired from chemo recovery and just welcomes the chance not to have to do much.  This time around, it was go, go go!  I think that's a good sign.


Shara said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading all this.

And, my new motto: "Tidy and foof!"

Judy said...

So glad to see you have the energy for all this work! Love the "tidy and foof". I don't have a booth, but I shall use it to describe changing things around in my house!

Lynn said...

I'm tired, too just reading what you were up to this week.

We are finally back on the right time schedule after coming back from India and Nepal.

So we were tired this last week too and the rain, rain, rain every single day here made me cranky!!

Hopefully you'll get all moved out and settled into just the one place soon.

Roger Owen Green said...

Always happy to hear of your adventures, whenever.