Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Rambles

All together now:

Oh, I got the booth closing blues!
Oh, I got the booth closing blues!
Ain't making no money!
Ain't selling no junk!
Oh, I got the booth closing blues!

Seriously, there's got to be an easier way to close a booth.  I was told that all my stuff was going to be removed, so that the damage from the roof collapse could be fixed.  On the one hand, that meant I would not be able to sell anything, as it would all be boxed up.  (Although I do notice that the other areas that were supposed to be closed and moved are still open and selling stuff and I'm a little miffed that I wasn't offered an alternative selling spot in the store for at least part of my stuff.) 

On the other hand, it meant that someone else was going to be dealing with moving the heavy stuff downstairs and out to storage.  (NOTE TO SELF:  Do not ever take a second floor booth again!)  Except that it didn't.  All that stuff was shoved to one side in the area that had to be vacated.  Huh?

So guess what I spent the weekend doing?  Moving heavy shelves downstairs. (NOTE TO SELF:  See note to self above!)  In fact, counting the boxes of stuff for the outdoor sale last week that Keith and I moved and the small furniture items that I moved out of the space on my own, the grand total of items that have been moved out of my space by someone else comes to (wait for it) nine boxes.  Yay!

Please note that would be nine boxes of items that I would strongly prefer be selling at 50% off, instead of sitting in a basically empty pod.  I guess the moral of the story would be to not take a booth anywhere you think the roof might fall in the month you decide that you're leaving.  Or something.

The upside is that now my shelving is all gone and has been moved to the Peddlers Mall.  Some of it is in my booth waiting to be used and the rest of it is on their furniture consignment program.  I really planned this out well, figuring out what would go where and making an item by item list of what was where and where it would go.  Well, except for the one shelf I somehow forgot about that is wider and heavier than all the others.  (NOTE TO SELF:  Memorize that damn note to self above!)  I think I have that worked out in my head, though.

All of that shelf moving would have been at least partly unnecessary had the vendor who expressed such great interest in buying about half my shelving not backed out on the deal without really telling me about it.  I had a feeling the sale wasn't going to happen, but I'm still ticked about it, mainly because I held off on moving the damn things so this person could have a shot at them.  One more thing to add to the list of things that are annoying me about the whole situation right now. 

All of the leftovers from the last outdoor sale, which came from the closing booth are in my shed, along with the remnants of a couple of mass buys and some yard sale appropriate things, waiting for my yard sale.  That should hopefully clear space in the shed for the nine boxes, which will all go to Peddlers Mall after the holidays, when they will seem new and fresh and different.  And I will be all moved out.  Yay!

I was going to have the yard sale last Saturday, but the rainy forecast made me rethink those plans.  The rain stopped by early afternoon, which gave us a chance to move the shelves.  (NOTE TO SELF:  Tattoo the above note to self on your inner arm!)  The advance forecast for this Saturday looks really good, so the sale is on for this weekend.  The nice thing about the delay is that I've already done most of the prep work.

The rain really cooled things down and now we're looking at those lovely bright and cool autumn days, which make this my favorite time of the year.  We took the air conditioner out of the window, broke out the blankets, made a pot of beans and welcomed fall!  I'm going to spend one afternoon this week sitting with a cat on my lap and reading old comic books.  I just don't know which one yet.  Love this time of year!

Sales at the Peddlers Mall continue to be very good.  I've sold a record amount of Halloween stuff, which tickles me to death.  I'll have fewer leftovers than normal.  I'll be heading over there this afternoon to consolidate everything on one table and make one last shot to foof it up and make it presentable.  Maybe there's one more rush to come!

I do need a little boost in my fall decor and Thanksgiving items.  Maybe this weather turn will boost them too.

I've already started casing out the stores, looking for stuff that might be left over.  You do realize that Halloween is a week from Thursday, don't you?  I'm planning for the after sales to stock up for next year.  Of course, I won't buy until it's all at least 75% off, but I'll find plenty.  There's a K-Mart near us that always has a good leftover selection.

The real Halloween hunt will happen the weekend after.  That's when the prices will hit my threshold.  That's also the weekend for Eddie's Birthday Thrifting Extravaganza, so I'll have plenty of goodness to share!  Yay!

Speaking of my birthday, I just about have all the posts written and scheduled leading up to it, which means my blogiversary gift to you all is about completed.  I have a couple more to go.  I've left a couple of days open, in case I have to shift something around, but it's pretty much good to go.  Happy Ten Years!  I gave you rambling.  I hope you like it.

I have to go sing a few more choruses of "Booth Closing Blues" now.

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