Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Re-introducing Saint Attica

I told you all yesterday that I had to restock and redo my religion wall.  A couple of weeks ago, someone came through and pretty much cleaned it out.  It happens from time to time.  I have regular niche customers who come to look for certain items: comic books, Disney characters, M&M stuff and religious articles.

Some of them come frequently and buy up small batches of stuff.  Others come once a month or every other month, and these folks will buy a HUGE batch of stuff on their visits.  I always look forward to seeing those visits show up on my sales report, dontchaknow?

Since this clean out happened at the same time that I am closing out my other booth, I have some religion stock to spare, but not much.  I am on the hunt right now for Madonnas and crucifixes.  Can anyone spare a saint or two to help a junker out?

I also had some small shelving and such to move over, so I decided to spiffy things up a bit with my restock.  Take a look.

The small shelves came from the other booth, and I think they've added a little bit of interest to the wall.  They're also a place for me to collect all my leftovers from the buyout and leave the rest of the space for new stuff.  After the first of the year, I'll mark those leftovers down and move them to my clearance shelves.  The big Madonna and Child pic on the right has already sold.  I'll move another pic from the stash at the left to replace it.  I have some religious kids books from the other booth to work in there this afternoon.

Close up of the picture stash.  I just love that sweet Hummel print of the praying kids.

Is it wrong that I find even Madonna and Child dolls to be a bit creepy?  I wish someone would buy this thing!

Finally, one for Shara.  A couple of super-sweet framed vintage kids' prayers.

By the way, I call my religious space "Saint Attica" because my booth is named "Eddie's Attic."  Can't remember if I've mentioned that before.


Lynn said...

Your booth wall space looks good and while not crowded gives people a chance to see what's there. On the other hand, I hope you find more stuff so you can cram it in a little!!

Shara said...

Lots of goodies! Thanks for the vintage prints (for me) they are adorable. :)

Judy said...

It looks great, Eddie.