Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First New Friend of 2014!

Meet my new pal!  I'll go ahead and tell you that he's a bit, well, emo.

He's also huge--nearly two feet tall.  I nearly fell over when I saw him!  I was sure he'd be more than I wanted to pay, but he was only five bucks!  (Thanks to Teresa at the Peddlers Mall for helping me find this out.)

I already have a smaller version of this one, but he's going right to the collection.  Except for that little ding in the corner, he's in great shape.  I love him.  There are even little thorns protruding up from his crown!

You can read more about his story here.  It's the kind of mixture of hagiography, gore, and kitsch that fuels my little religious collecting hobby.

We'll have to see how many more friends 2014 brings my way.


We are: Clamco said...

Darn you Eddie, you made me have to go and look up what hagiography means. That's a great piece for 5 bucks. Although I'm not Christian, I love religious figures, medals, relics, rosaries and crucifixes. I used to do really well selling them up north. Can't find any for resale in the south. That being said I have a really nice plaster Infant of Prague statue that I can't bring myself to sell. My grandmother had one on her dresser and I remember staring at it when I was little, so I always find myself drawn to that figure in particular.

Lynn said...

I was at a local thrift this week and they had about 10 of those type of things you get in the mail from the Society of Whatever - prayer cards with necklaces, keychains etc and they wanted $5.00 each! At a dollar or two I would have picked them up for you Eddie! Nice statue. Glad you found him.

Unknown said...

You are welcome

Roger Owen Green said...

Fascinating, in a mildly disturbing way.

svelteSTUFF said...

GREAT reference site! I'm getting myself psyched up to part with my little 'shrine collection' that you helped me I.D. about a year ago ~ wish me luck!!