Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Rambles

I'm going to try this week to grin and bear it and get back to my regular routine, despite the weather.  The weekend was a total letdown.  A really good indoor sale was scheduled for Saturday, but we woke up to a fresh three-four inches of snow and unplowed streets, so I just went back to bed.

I ended up not leaving the house all weekend, which was probably for the better.  I got a lot of rest and took care of some things in the house.  I'm still having a lot of problems with my voice and going out in the cold doesn't help things.  I think this lingering cold has turned into laryngitis.  Not a good thing when your job requires you to talk for several hours at a time.  I'm going to call my doctor today for either an appointment or a prescription.  I think getting that cleared up will help my winter blahs.

I'm also going to try my best to follow my full, regular schedule despite the cold.  I've been cutting the booth short and cutting as many corners at work as I can get away with.  I've got another week off coming up, so I'm going to just muddle through as best I can until then.  (And hope for much better weather that week!)

The weather has, predictably, killed booth sales, although I had a really good day on one of the coldest days of last week.  That was the exception to the rule unfortunately.  At least I'm having sales every day, even if they aren't large ones. I am hoping that getting back on my regular schedule with the booth (Mon and Wed after work and all day on Friday) will help me get it all back together.

Not too much to ramble about this Monday, I guess.  Hard to find many topics in the midst of being frozen in, I guess.  I'll try to make it up with some good, meaty blog posts this week.  (Plus, I should have Top Secret Project Phase 2 ready to go early next week!)

I will, however, share with you a little known fact:

It takes lots of Diet Dr Pepper to deal with a particularly harsh winter!


Lynn said...

Sorry you're still not feeling up to par. Hopefully this week will speed by!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hope an RX helps your throat. Keep warm (well, bundle up anyway).

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Take care of yourself. Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink of choice too!

Shelley said...

The weather has to break soon, right? Goes without saying, it stinks being sick. I hope you are getting a little TLC and you begin feeling better real soon! Take care!

Roger Owen Green said...

Best soap opera.