Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Rambles

I finally started feeling better towards the end of last week.  I still have a cough and sound kind of raspy, but everything goes right to my chest when I get sick.  It always takes a while for everything to clear up.  I'm well enough to head back to work and back into the booth fray.

It's supposed to be wet and cold this week, which is better than frozen and frigid.  I did brave the sub-zero temps and went to the Peddlers Mall last Tuesday, but didn't get too much done, since I wasn't feeling well.  It was dead there.  Apparently, people don't head out to the indoor fleas when the high is three degrees.  Go fig.

There was a lady there (another vendor it turns out) who wanted to buy this old paperback book rack and the books I was displaying on it.  The rack was priced, but she wanted a bulk price for the books.  Since a lot of them had been around for a while, I was glad to cut her a deal.  If only it were that simple!

To make a long story short, she ends up buying the rack, but not the books!  Now I have a bunch of paperbacks with no rack for them!  I should have nixed the whole sale, but I didn't sell anything else that day due to the weather.  Besides, if I didn't want my shelves and fixtures to sell and create problems like this, I wouldn't price them.

I am so far behind on everything I wanted to do, since most of this month has been wasted for me. I've decided I'm just not going to sweat it.  I'll get done what I can do this week and next and start new stuff the week after.  It's all I can do.

I am jonesing bad for a thrift fix.  I did manage to get some Xmas clearance shopping in, but that's just not the same thing, you know?  I've also bought some things at the Peddlers Mall, but I need to wheel a cart down a vintage wonderland of secondhand goodness and fill it up to the brim!  Of course, that would require that our thrifts here actually be vintage wonderlands of secondhand goodness, which they most certainly are not, but I'll take what I can get. 

I miss yard sales, but we're not too far from a a couple of my fave church sales!  Junking is rough in the winter.  Thankfully, as I am getting my stuff organized and in storage, I'm finding things that I had forgotten that I had bought for the booth, so I've got tons of interesting new stuff (and my backlog is going away!)

I am not looking forward to  returning to my regular work schedule this week.  It was bound to happen eventually.  I've had some extra days off due to budget woes, so I really do need to get back.  I like my job and all, but I'd really rather be watching the soaps, reading comics and going to the thrifts.  Oh well...


Lynn said...

Glad you're feeling better. I think this has been a long winter already for you!

Shara said...

I've had the crud for about two weeks. I am almost over it, but like you, it goes straight to my chest and lasts a long time. Muscinex is my best friend. It keeps me from going all the way into full blown Bronchitis.

Here's hoping you find a vintage wonderland of secondhand goodness SOON!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Colds/chest zap energy. Glad you are 'on the mend'. I found 'a bit' a the thrift stores this morning but the prices sure don't match garage sale prices. I have been digging out previously bought stock as well, it helps to fill spaces.

Judy said...

" a vintage wonderland of secondhand goodness " I LOVE THIS PHRASE! Glad you're feeling better.