Thursday, June 14, 2012

You gotta have heart!

I saw this at Goodwill and had to have it.  It's a mini model of the heart.

Everything is labeled, and there's a little card to identify the various heart-parts.

It even shows the inside.

It's some kind of promo for a pharmaceutical I've never heard of, but it's also cool as heck.  Which is why I wanted it.  When I started my booth, one of the things I wanted to do was include as many things as I could for sale that were unlike anything anyone else in the Peddlers Mall had.  One of the first items I bought to sell was a George W. Bush toilet scrubber.  (Actually, it was on a free table at a yard sale.)

For three years (next month), I've continued that quest for the odd, unique, and interesting to sell.  The "ed-clectic" if you will.   I do have a few of the standard kinds of items here and there, but what brings people back to my space over and over is the other stuff.  I know because customers tell me.  I know because staff tell me.  I know because other vendors tell me.  I do my best, and I have a blast while doing it.

And I promise that you won't find any Danielle Steel books.  Or unicorns.  Or clowns.  Definitely, no clowns.

But, you will find (soon) a heart model.

Because you gotta have heart.


Roger Owen Green said...

damn it, Eddie, now I have that damn song from Damn Yankees stuck in my head!

EM said...

That's what started the whole thing for me too, Roger. When I saw the model, I started humming that.