Monday, August 06, 2012

Monday Rambles

Oh boy......

One more rush-rush week and then I'll have a bit of a break, which is good.  I've got a lot of projects that have been on hold for a bit that I would like to get moving again.  Plus, I'd like to get a little rest and do some reading and some plan-ahead blogging.

We're getting close to Fall and that means the holidays are fast on its heels.  I was making a few notes about some displays I want to do at the booth and realized that it's just about time to start getting the Halloween stuff out and organized, followed shortly after by the Christmas stuff.

Speaking of Christmas stuff, I realized the other day that I had not had much luck finding it this yard sale season.  I'm speaking about vintage and cool stuff here.  I've got enough new stuff to put out from my clearance shopping last year.  Other than my AnnaLee find earlier in the year, I've simply not seen any vintage Christmas.  It's kind of odd.  I'm wondering if anyone else is having any luck in this area?

I did do a "Christmas in July" thing at one of the booths, trying to move out some old holiday stuff that I had marked down.  I think I sold maybe two things.  I probably won't try that again.  I've taken that out and started a "Back to School" table.

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I crossed the threshold!  I equaled 2008's 122 posts and passed it!  Yay me!  From here on out, every post sets a new record for me.  My new goal is to get to 200 for the year.  I'm about 75 away now, so we'll see.  I seem to be managing about 20 posts a month, and there are about four months left in the year, so I should be able to make it.

I had to take Windy to the shop the other day.  Somehow, I had broken a couple of spokes on my back wheel, so it wasn't turning straight.  It was rubbing against one of the back brakes and not smoothly rolling.  It only took about twenty minutes for the guy to fix it, and it didn't cost that much, so it was a relief.  It was kind of cool to watch the guy work on it, though.  So many interesting-looking tools!

Well, that's about all from here, folks.  See you in a bit.

Eddie-ted to add:  I forgot to mention this earlier, but we have tix to see Kris Kristofferson on Thursday!  Should be a great show too.  It's in an amphitheater in one of the local parks.  How cool is that?

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Roger Owen Green said...

go, Eddie, go. 200 and beyond!