Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Rambles

If you checked out any of my blog posts over the weekend and found that the embedded vids didn't match the descriptions in the text, check them out again.  I've fixed them.  I have no clue what happened, other than some kind of Google hiccup.

I keep a private play list in YouTube with vids that I might want to use in the blog some day.  When I decide to use one of them, I go to the list and play the vid again to double-check that I want to use it and copy the embed code for the blog.  Somehow, other vids from my blog list were appearing instead of the ones I had copied!  Since I got them straight out of the videos themselves, I have no idea how it could have happened, but I have fixed it, so enjoy.

The fair is over!  Back to school is over!  Maybe now I can sell some junk!  Last week I barely broke ten dollars in sales some days (and some days I didn't even do that).  I didn't even take any new stuff to the Peddlers Mall because the sales were so low.  When I got there to straighten up, there was hardly anything to do!  Nothing was out of place.  That's how slow last week was.

The weekend massively bounced back at both sites though.  And there's still a full week left in the month, although the last couple of days of the month traditionally are very low.  Barring a couple of unforeseen hundred-dollar days, I'm going to have a low month, but it won't be a total disaster.

Keith keeps calling the telephone bench in my booth at YesterNook a "parson's chair."  Silly non-junker!

The ceiling fan in our bedroom either has a short or it's possessed.  The light keeps turning on and off at odd times for no reason.  The fan speed dips suddenly, too.  We really don't need this with warm weather coming back.  We're trying to figure out if it would be easier/cheaper to try and fix it or replace it.  I hate just throwing something out like that.

Yard sales this weekend were really bad.  I went to a warehouse sale in a defunct store that was pretty good.  Lots of vintage "new old stock" and newer items.  I'll have a post about one of the things I bought later in the week.  There were a couple of good benefit sales and a good church sale, but that's it.  I had 14 sales on my list and barely had anything in the backseat of the car.  It only took two trips to unload everything.  That just ain't right.

Well, that's about all from these parts.  I have something in the works with one of my booths, but I have to keep that under wraps for the moment.  More when I can talk about it.  Hope your week goes well!

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Roger Owen Green said...

Somehow, Been Too Long at the Fair by Bonnie Raitt came to mind reading your post.