Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Gotta love kids.  One the one hand, they'll never leave the booth the way they found it.  But, on the other hand....

I was working at one of the booths a while back, when a couple of kids came in with their parents.  I have toys in my spaces, so of course they make a beeline for them.  Sigh!

One of them finds this:

It's a book and magnet set featuring  Archie characters.  He grabs it, and starts yelling.  "Mom!  Mom! Look!  It's Betty and Veronica!  Mom! Look!  Betty and Veronica!"  He carries on like this nonstop for a couple of minutes until he gets her attention.  Seriously, it's like his mission in life is now Betty and Veronica.  She finally gives him one of those "That's nice, dear." responses that parents are so good at when their kids are fixated on some triviality they won't shut up about.

The kid, having gotten her attention, then says (and I kid you not about this):

"Who are Betty and Veronica?"

You mean the ones you were just carrying on about like your life depended on it or some other Betty and Veronica?

He then puts the thing down and walks away.

Gotta love 'em!

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Veronica said...

I don't try to understand kids. I just sit back, watch, and laugh. But I do feel old. Who doesn't know Archie comics. By the way, I'm Veronica. So I hear comments about Betty and Veronica all the time. Usually from people older then me.