Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Upping the Date (or would it be Dating the Up?)

Just a quick one to kind of touch base.  I'd been doing pretty good with the regular posts, then...BLAM!  Out go the lights.

Normally, I would tend to just let this whole thing slide until I could post again for real, but I've picked up a couple of followers, so I feel I ought to be polite.

Truth is, I am just slammed right now and probably will be for a while longer.  There's just too much going on, and something had to give.  As usual, that thing was blogging.  I've been just too exhausted on the weekends to even think about planning ahead.

So, here's a summary:

It was hotter than the hinges of Hades for a while here, but it seems to be better now.  By better, I don't mean in the 70's, but it's at least into the normal range for the Ohio Valley in the summer.  I'll take it.

Craziness at the booths.  More on that in a future sales update post.

Still finding neat stuff at the yard sales and thrifts, just not as much.  I bought a bunch of excess stuff from my uncle recently, so I'm sitting pretty with really good merch, so I don't have to hunt as hard and I can be a little choosier.  I always like it when I get to this point.

One of my fave neighborhood sales is coming this weekend.  Should be some good findings, even for the newly choosy.  I may photodocument this one.  We'll see.

I'm having to do way more lesson planning than I ever counted on for the current work gig.  That's what is eating into my time most of all.  That all ends next week, so things will free up a bit. 

I got offered a part time more permanent deal starting in mid-September.  It's only a few hours a week, but it's not a time limited project, like the things I'm doing now.  And, it has the possibility of growing into something more.

And that's the way it is in these parts!

I'm going to try to finish some posts and get 'em scheduled over the weekend, then let those carry me until Thursday, when this job ends and I have a breather.

Thanks for bearing with me.  I've got some fun stuff in the finishing stages.  I've been really happy with the way some of the last few posts have turned out, so I'm looking forward to continuing in that vein.

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Lynn said...

I haven't been reading for a little while - i've been busy, too!One of my son-in-laws had his shoulder replaced. He's young but it had to be done.

So I got to babysit for the youngest of our grandkids - a 23 pound, 9 month old. Grandma needs to start lifting weights!

We kept her overnight since he couldn't lift her. There's nothing like a baby waking up at 2 for her bottle and wanting to stay up and play!

Thanks for letting us know what's up with you - i enjoyed reading about it!

and promise to try and do better in the read them as you write them category.......