Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Nostalgia

When you deal in nostalgia and spend your spare time hunting for it, I guess it's inevitable that your own nostalgia hormones kick in from time to time.

Here's one of my favorites from bygone days.

It seems like lots of folks get all misty-eyed over the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons.  I doubt that there is a person in my age range who cannot sing the preamble to the Constitution.  However, I think these old food and nutrition spots are a tad neglected.  Let's rectify that.

This is another one of my faves.  It's probably the message that has stuck with me the longest.  To this day, I tend to prefer just a dab of condiment on things, instead of gloppy globs.  Gloppy globs are disgusting.  I even get light cheese on my pizzas!

While I was searching for clips to use in this post, I was kind of surprised to come across some that I had no memory of.  None.  At all.  In fact, I would swear that I'd never seen them before.  I guess that goes to show exactly how overlooked these spots really are!

Here's a couple of the ones I didn't remember.

Can you be nostalgic for things you didn't really experience yourself?  Or maybe the truth is that I really just like old cartoons and pop culture trivia?  Whichever it is, I wish you all happy nostalgia hunting today!  if you find yourself getting hungry while you're out hitting the sales, why not try a hunk of cheese?

Is it wrong of me to think of "hanker for a hunk" as a double entendre?

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