Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Rambles

It's a little later than normal, but it's still Monday, so that counts in my book.  I've been kind of lazy today and have taken advantage of not having to be anywhere by not doing anything of substance.  I priced a few things and turned in a report for work, but other than that---nada.  Well, unless you count the nap...

Today is, of course, Left Handed Day, so I hope you celebrated in honor of your favorite left-handed blogger (that would be me) and did at least one thing with your left hand.

We had a good time at the Kris Kristofferson concert last week.  He was in good form and good voice.  He may not be the best guitarist or have the best singing voice, but, damn, that man can write!  He did a huge sampling from various stages of his career, including all the usual favorites to satisfy the folks in the crowd who only really know the "hits."  But what about the folks, like Keith, who are true-blue, died in the wool, have all the albums fans?  Oh yeah.  They were satisfied too.  It was a great night.

Things have finally really cooled off here for a bit.  It was lovely all weekend and is supposed to be nice all week, except for a spot of rain here and there (much-needed).

Yard sales were surprisingly good this weekend.  I wasn't expecting much, since the listings were kind of paltry.  I only picked five or six stops, but it seems like I chose well.  I ended up walking away from just about every sale with a BOX full of stuff!  I also picked up a couple of much-needed pieces of furniture.  Sometimes my picker is right on and this seems like it was one of those times.

Friday, it was so nice we went out for coffee after Keith got off work.  We popped into a small bookstore by the coffee shop and spent some time wandering around.  I went to the graphic novel section and realized how totally, totally out of touch I am with comic books these days.  Sigh.

Saturday, after yard saling, we came home and spent the afternoon repairing the toilet.  You kind of have to bear in mind a couple of facts to realize what a monumental occasion this was.  First, neither of us are the most mechanically-inclined of individuals.  Second, our bathroom is not really large enough for two men who are not small to both be in there at the same time.  Third, my typical post-saling activity is a long nap, so I was tired and kind of cranky.  In fact, I wanted to give up at several points.  Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and our toilet is now working again the way it's supposed to.  (For the record, I'm the one who broke it, while trying to fix a small problem.)

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some posting done this week and some things finished around here.  As always, we'll see what happens.

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